The Best Shields in Final Fantasy XV (Ranked)

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We all know what shields are, right?

Especially if you’ve played any other Final Fantasy game – they’re elongated pieces of crafted metal designed to protect those who stand behind them.

They can also be magical and have really cool extra effects. It’s what makes Final Fantasy shields so cool.

Final Fantasy XV is no different.

Shields can be used primarily by our main man Noctis (though Prompto can use a few as well). They’re a defensive measure, but unlike other games in the Final Fantasy series, they can be used to great effect on the offensive as well.

So out of the twelve available shields in the game, which ones are worth your time actually using?

Let’s find out!


5. Wizard Shield

Wizard Shield / Final Fantasy XV

Life can be kind of tough if you’re into using magic in Final Fantasy XV.

The magic system is tricky to optimize, and it seems as though the whole world around Noctis and company prefers the use of physical weapons.

Finding a weapon that can satisfy both melee and magic can get difficult.

So now let’s all praise the Wizard Shield!

This mid-to-late game shield offers all the benefits of the weapon type, including good defense and a very respectable attack number – as well as a buff +99 to magic.

It doesn’t have as many bells and whistles as the other shields on this list.

But its strong set of stats makes for a very reliable simplicity.

How to Obtain: Found in the Sealed Dungeon portion of the Keycatrich Trench.


4. Black Prince

Black Prince Shield / Final Fantasy XV

A shield with the most fitting name for who’s going to be using it, the Black Prince is a weapon that’s super situational – but also perfect for folks who like to use magic to get out of tight spots.

The Black Prince has decent enough stats, rubbing shoulders with stuff like Absorb and Wizard shield.

But it comes with a hearty amount of dark resistance, as well as a neato little bonus feature:

Whenever you block dark-element attacks with it, for the next five seconds you get a tremendous +300 to your magic.

It makes the shield the ideal choice to keep in your back pocket and take out in a pinch against a dark-dealing foe to deflect their attack – and then with a single magic attack, end the fight.

How to Obtain: Available for purchase at the Meldacio Hunter HQ


3. Absorb Shield II

Absorb Shield II / Final Fantasy XV

So you have the Absorb Shield and want more, do you?

That’s completely understandable.

The key quality of the Absorb Shield is that it can absorb elemental energy from enemies – and that’s pretty rad if you’re all about the magic life.

The Absorb Shield itself is easy to get too – just gather some carrots and complete a quest.

And upgrading it is just as simple.

The upgraded Absorb Shield, much like its base form, won’t knock your boots off with its stats. But it will pay for itself time and again when your elemental coffers remain full – even after a full day’s worth of adventuring.

If you like using magic, both this and the Wizard’s Shield are just about required to be in your kit.

How to Obtain: Take the Absorb Shield I to Cid in Hammerhead and he’ll upgrade it for a Spiked Armor item.


2. Aegis Shield

Aegis Shield Screenshot / Final Fantasy XV

It wouldn’t be a Final Fantasy game without the Aegis Shield showing up.

Just like all of its other appearances, the fabled Aegis Shield is one of the best shields in the game (and depending on how you play, maybe it is the best).

The Aegis has a very high attack power, especially for a shield, and a great boost to defense and shot resistance.

Going off of the stats alone this is a top-tier defender.

But it comes with a bonus feature that pushes it to whatever the next level of shields is.

Whenever you take a hit with the Aegis Shield, there’s a ten percent chance of it completely nullifying all the damage.

This is substantial because the bigger, badder enemies are relentless with their attacks. And the odds will be in your favor as far as nullifying that damage.

Being able to shrug off big Behemoth or Omega Weapon swipes as zero damage is immensely cool.

How to Obtain: Found as a treasure deep in the Menace Dungeons of the Steyliff Grove.


1. Ziedrich

Ziedrich Shield / Final Fantasy XV

Now we’re talking!

Having a great defense is wonderful and all, but when it comes down to the brass tacks, Final Fantasy XV rewards much more offense.

And there’s nothing wrong with that!

It’s why you can attack with shields as well as defend with them.

Defeating enemies requires you to defeat them, after all.

Enter Zeidrich.

It’s almost identical to the Aegis Shield stat-wise, but instead of having the chance to nullify damage, it provides an incredible boost to strength.

With it equipped, whenever Noctis executes a perfect Blink dodge (pressing the dodge button just before being struck), the Zeidrich will give you +200 strength for the next three seconds – meaning you can swap out to your best blade and deal incredible damage.

Work it out right and blink around behind the enemy, then deal a blindside that has the potential to one-hit KO anything that isn’t classified as a superboss.

The Aegis Shield may nullify damage, but the Zeidrich can nullify enemies entirely.

How to Obtain: Complete the quest “Legend Wrapped in an Enigma” and the Ziedrich will be your reward (along with some EXP too).

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