The Best Side Quests in Final Fantasy XV

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Final Fantasy XV has a lot of side quests. A lot.

Well over 200.

It can be downright overwhelming sometimes, especially when your map is chock full of yellow question marks all begging to be explored.

Doing them all is your prerogative. But, of course, some are better than others.

Which ones are worth your time?

And which ones offer the best rewards?

Let’s take a look!


5. A Better Engine Blade III

A Better Engine Blade III Side Quest in FF15

After the opening credits and when the boys finally arrive at Hammerhead Garage, you meet Final Fantasy XV’s Cid.

He’s a grizzled old mechanic who serves as not only the caretaker of the royal Regalia car, but also as a fantastic weaponsmith who can create and upgrade a variety of weapons.

Each weapon he can upgrade has its own separate side quest.

The best of the bunch is the Engine Blade, specifically the third and final form.

Giving Cid what he needs to finish this quest gets you the Ultima Sword, one of the best one-handed blades in the game.

It has a large 374 attack, bonuses to MP and Magic, and it absorbs elemental energy from enemies.

Finish this quest early in the game and you’ll have a weapon that can carry you through at least the next two-thirds.


4. Frogs of Legend

Frogs of Legend FFXV Side Quest

One of the longer side quest chains in Final Fantasy XV is for the researcher Sania.

She’s quite interested in frogs, and each quest has you scouting a specific location to catch a few for rewards.

For the majority of the run these rewards will be your simple standard gil and goods.

But the last quest – the Frogs of Legend – offers something much greater.

To complete the quest, Noctis and crew must travel all around Eos to discover very well-hidden rainbow frogs and then return them to Sania.

Finding these multicolored amphibians is no small feat. And the reward matches the task: a Ribbon.

That’s right, one of the best accessories in the game!

The Ribbon provides immunity to just about every status effect out there, which is a great prize for such a long journey of quests.


3. Wondrous Weapon

Wondrous Weapon in Final Fantasy XV

In the postgame Chapter 15, players can meet Randolph the weapon maker in Lestallum.

He tells Noctis if he defeats a certain monster, he’ll make him a weapon.

These weapons are some of the best in the game – and the last one, the Wondrous Weapon quest, is easily the coolest.

Completing the quest earns you the Zwill Crossblades, the strongest daggers there are.

Doing so involves defeating the level 120 Naglfar, which is a fight tough enough to be classified as a superboss.

It won’t be an easy tussle.

But victory will earn you the best daggers in the game, and plenty of bragging rights. You can do it!


2. Into Unknown Frontiers

Into Unknown Frontiers Side Quest in FFXV

If you go speak to Cindy in Chapter 15, she’ll mention that she knows of a way to upgrade the Regalia one more time, and in a way that will fundamentally change how you travel.

Intrigued? You should be.

Take the quest and head to a few key Imperial Bases to gather the correct parts, and then return to Cindy and she’ll put together the Regalia Type-F.

This new version of the classic car can fly! Yes, fly.

You can take off from any road and cut your travel time in half.

Getting to where you need to be is super easy, provided you can land correctly.

This even gets you access to the Pitioss Ruins, one of the coolest side dungeons around.

And you’ll never have to drive again!


1. The Menace Dungeons

The Menace Dungeons FF15 Side Quest

Technically, this is a whole bunch of side quests.

But they’re all under the heading one big quest.

In Chapter 15, after clearing Balouve Mines, Crestholm Channels, Daurell Caverns and Costlemark Tower, head back to the Hunter HQ in the northwest side of the map.

There you’ll find old lady Ezma, who will give you a special key – as well as a host of quests.

This key unlocks those strange doors you’ve discovered in the aforementioned dungeons.

Through those doors are the Menace Dungeons.

Basically they’re tough-as-nails deep dives that prohibit item usage, and have some of the greatest challenges in the game – as well as some of the greatest rewards.

Throughout these trials you’ll discover the best weapons and accessories on offer, as well as earn hundreds of thousands of experience.

It’s truly a trial for the bravest of the brave.

And some of the best side content in the entire game.

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