The Hardest Bosses in Final Fantasy XV (Ranked)

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Final Fantasy XV is a huge game.

There is a lot to do and see: well over 100 hours’ worth!

Of course, a large part of this is battle. There are a lot of things to see and fight, including a whole host of bosses.

A lot of them are part of the story, but there’s also a lot to fight just for the fun of it.

Which ones are the scariest, I can hear you asking? Well, let me tell you:


10. Aramusha

Aramusha boss in Final Fantasy XV

As you delve into the depths of the Balouve Mines you’ll come across a ne’er-do-well daemon samurai who causes trouble for the party.

At the very bottom you get to face it – and finally get a chance to put an end to its trickery.

It’s not going to go down without a fight. And it’s quite the fight, indeed.

This purple shinobi can deal frustrating instant-death attacks, as well as a spinning slash that sweeps the room and hits everybody – and even spooky tentacles that can stun party members and poison them!


9. Mictlantecihuatl

Mictlantecihuatl FFXV boss battle

Mictlantecihuatl is a boss that’s as difficult to fight as it is to pronounce.

This mess of letters lives in the Menace version of the Steyliff Grove.

Mictlantecihuatl uses room-wide electric attacks and strong physical swats. It can lower your maximum HP whenever it hits you, too. Meaning you can end up with only a little life to survive with.

It’s best to put on your best ice-based weapons and go for it.

It’s a tough experience, and you’ll have to practice a good amount to nail it, but it can be done. Good luck!


8. Kengo

Kengo boss in FFXV

This daemon samurai lives in the Menace version of Greyshire Glacier.

As expected from its environment, it absorbs and deals ice damage.

It also has a few annoying additional monsters around it.

Though they can be dispatched, it doesn’t change the fact that they exist to annoy you.

Kengo’s sword swings are stupidly big.

They can all be parried, but their speed makes that hard.

Kengo also uses ice attacks to freeze party members, and dark magic to just hurt them.

It also can use instant-death attacks, and with his speed, can lead to a fast game over screen.


7. Melusine

Melusine FF15 boss

This was introduced in the story as a creature who loves abducting any adventurer or hunter that comes her way.

Fortunately for the population, Noctis and his crew sign up to get rid of her and her million HP.

Melusine is a lady accompanied by two giant snakes, both of which very much enjoy using their breath to afflict the party with poison and petrify.

This is aside from the punishing physical attacks.

She can even grab a party member and confuse them, which is just awful.


6. Chandravarma

Chandravarma from FFXV

This iron giant variant has the same big damage as his contemporaries.

But what makes this one extra tough is that you have to face it in a much smaller space, which means that Chandravarma has plenty of opportunities to cleave and grab.

There’s no warp point anywhere to retreat to when you need a breather.

This fight is all about playing it smart and getting your strikes in, all before Chandravarma overwhelms you with his size and strength.


5. Malbodoom

Malbodoom FF15 boss

The Malbodoom is a super Malboro.

And like every other Malboro you’ll fight in FFXV, this one will breathe bad breath all over the place – leading to a dose of every status effect in the book if you breathe it in.

This doom variant also flails around and sprays liquid poison all over the place, creating an environmental hazard that you have to avoid on top of everything else.

Taking down the Malbodoom and proceeding through the rest of the Menace dungeon that it occupies is a true hero’s task.


4. Manxom

Manxom FFXV boss battle

In the deepest parts of the Crestholm Channels, Manxom is a big-nosed lizard type enemy that probably shouldn’t have been bothered.

Of course, bothering is exactly what the party is going to do.

And boy do they have a task ahead of them.

It can petrify the party with a single roar, and end the adventure just like that if you’re not careful.

And if you avoid the stone treatment, you’re in for a slew of very strong physical attacks that come from every side – as Manxom uses every claw, tooth, and tail to his advantage.

Perseverance is key!


3. Adamantoise

Adamantoise boss in FFXV

The fabled giant turtle returns!

He comes rolling into town with over five million HP and an understandably incredible defense.

With so much HP and defense, the Adamantoise will take a considerable amount of time to take down.

Maybe even fifteen hours!

Okay, not that long… but certainly close to an hour or so at peak conditions.

The beast swings hard and can KO the party instantly if they aren’t on their toes.

Learning where to be and how to dodge is key for this fight, although that learning is a task in and of itself.

Defeating the Adamantoise is a big deal, and one of the few marks of mastery in the game.


2. Dread Behemoth

Dread Behemoth FF15 boss

On every thirty-first day, a Dread Behemoth appears in Eos as a Timed Quest.

It’s level 140 and even comes with a Tyraneant!

There’s a lot of trouble to be had here – and you’re going to have to go and get it.

Dread starts the fight with an AOE ice attack that freezes anybody caught in it, and then hits with powerful physical attacks.

A single swipe is enough to instantly defeat anybody not sufficiently leveled. And even those who are will be crippled.

And while you’re trying to live through the Behemoth, his bud Tyraeant is still attacking!

Surviving this ordeal gets you great rewards, but those are prizes you’re certainly going to have to earn.


1. Omega

Omega FFXV boss battle

Omega is the true ultimate boss.

Available to fight only at the very end of the game, Omega arrives and doesn’t mess around.

It’s highly resistant to most types of attacks, and relentlessly applies pressure onto the party with not only a wide array of physical strikes, but also lasers and magic.

It can afflict confusion and petrify, fire its laser so fast that you can’t really even react, and lower the party’s max HP simply by existing!

Omega is the culmination of every boss up to this point, and even more.

Challenging it will be a fool’s errand unless you can get some help and know the game inside and out – and even then, winning against this beast might be a far-off dream.

Omega is a true nightmare that’ll prove your mastery of FFXV.

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