FFV: The Best Spots For Grinding & Leveling Up

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Over the years, more fans are accepting Final Fantasy V as one of the more top-tier entries in the franchise.

Its goofy dialogue and aloof style could put some people off. But deep down, it’s an enjoyable RPG experience.

But there’s no getting around the fact this game does house multiple difficulty spikes, especially towards the end of its final act.

So if you’re looking for some spots to grind up bit of extra experience to beef up your party, or to master a job or two, my list here has you covered.


5. Outside Crescent (Prototype)

FF5 Prototype Grinding Outside Crescent

This is probably the most fun entry on this list.

Prototype is an enemy found on an island southwest of Crescent in the first world. At its core, Prototype could be a tricky enemy to defeat. But he has one glaring weakness – Control.

Using the Control ability from the Beastmaster job, you can take control of this fearsome enemy and make it kill itself using Self-destruct.

Not only is this method extremely fun, but it also doesn’t cost a single MP. And doesn’t require any sort of party setup, so long as someone can use Control.

Prototype gives around 500 EXP and 4 ABP, and also has a chance to drop the powerful mix item Dark Matter.

There are definitely better grind spots in the game, but there are none as relaxing as this one.


4. Great Forest of Moore (Dechirer)

Dechirer Grinding in FF5 Great Forest of Moore

These little fellas are found in World 2 in the forests north of Surgate Castle around Moore.

Dechirers are susceptible to Level 5 Death, and thus are absolutely ripe to be grinded for experience.

Once defeated, they offer around 1500 EXP per battle. And just like Prototype, they require no special party set ups at all.

So all you need is for someone to have the Blue Magic ability equipped, and have them fire away with Level 5 Death.


3. Castle of Bal Basement (Objet d’Art)

Objet d’Art Grinding in Castle of Bal Basement

This one is one of the most well-known methods to grind up in FFV.

But for those unfamiliar, these guys are also weak to Level 5 Death. And depending on the enemy formation they drop either 4 ABP or 8 ABP, making it an ideal method to use for job mastering.

They’re found in the basement of the Castle of Bal in World 2, are one of the quickest and simplest sources for ABP in the entire game.

Alternatively, due to them being a stone type enemy, they’re also weak to the Gold Needle item – which you can use to kill them one at a time. But this method is much more time consuming.


2. Merged World Ocean (Vilia)

Vilia Farm Grinding in Merged World Ocean

Out of all the entries on this list, Vilia is probably the most difficult to defeat – but these offer a boatload of Gil and ABP.

So this enemy is absolutely worth your efforts.

They’re found on the most south-western tiles of the ocean in the Merged World, alongside Gel Fish and Nix.

Vilia are dangerous foes, boasting a high HP pool and some sneaky tricks.

For your grind strategy, you’re going to need to use Spellblade ability Break, so feel free to attack at your leisure until she’s petrified and dies.

Vilia are worth 10,000 Gil and 25 ABP, and has the chance to drop the useful Angel Ring as well.


1. Interdimensional Rift (Movers)

Movers Grinding in FF5 Interdimensional Rift

The cream of the crop when it comes to grindable enemies.

Movers are found in the last area of the Interdimensional Rift, before the last boss. But even finding them is challenging enough.

Once you do encounter them, they can be hard to take down before they wreak havoc on your party (or escape).

But they’re weak to fire, so spamming Phoenix is a sure way to whittle their health down.

You can also Control one at a time and make them take themselves out.

Or you could also summon Bahamut and use Mime with the other 3 party members until the battle is over.

Movers offer no EXP, but a whopping 50,000 Gil and 199 ABP – meaning you can easily max your jobs and power up your Freelancer job for the final boss.

But this certainly isn’t the best way to get actual EXP for levels. Just for ability points.

Although they’re a rare encounter, there is a trick to guaranteeing they spawn in the US version of the GBA port. If you quicksave in the last area of the Rift, when you load up your game, Movers are guaranteed to spawn on your 2nd encounter.

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