Best Relic Combos in Final Fantasy VI (Ranked)

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One of the most fun and strategic parts of Final Fantasy 6 is collecting and combining relics and their effects.

Relics get better as you progress, but that doesn’t mean some early combos will be forgotten.

On the contrary, you may well find that you use some of these frequently in later parts of the game!


10. Double Earrings

Double Earrings Relic Combo in FF6

Earrings boost your magic attack stat by 25%.

And while some relics abilities don’t stack, the Earrings do!

You can buy these relics in shops not too far into the game. So while you’re still building up your collection of items, these are always a great stop gap for magic-based team members.

Terra and Celes will benefit most from using this combo. But once your whole party starts learning magic, nearly everyone can get some great use from them.


9. Black Belt and Genji Glove

Black Belt and Genji Glove in FFVI

Wearing the Black Belt gives you a chance of countering every time you’re hit.

So adding the Genji Glove into the mix will mean each counter attack hits twice!

Physical attackers whose special abilities might be slower or more circumstantial than the others will benefit from this. Meaning they deal damage a lot more often.

Action economy is a key theme in being effective during combat encounters. At times, your party is limited to only certain characters. And some of these characters may feel like they’re causing your party to lag.

This Relic combo is guaranteed to make anyone relevant in your party.


8. Genji Glove and Hermes Sandals

Genji Glove and Hermes Sandals in FF6

If action economy is your goal, look no further.

This is another great little combo for any characters that might feel a bit lackluster compared to the others.

The Hermes Sandals will cast haste immediately on anyone wearing them, and the established Genji Glove will mean you’re attacking rapidly and decimating foes – bosses in particular!


7. White Cape and Earrings

White Cape and Earrings FFVI Relic Combo

If you’re looking for a more defensive build, a white cape will provide excellent defense and allow you to snipe with magic from the backrow.

The backrow will reduce damage, and the white cape will boost defense significantly while the Earrings boost the power of your magic attacks.

You may feel this is higher on this ranking than it should be. But that’s because you can purchase both of these items.

So if you’ve missed some Relics, or don’t have enough relics to go around, this is an easily obtainable set that’s highly effective.


6. Hyper Wrist and Genji Glove

Hyper Wrist and Genji Glove in FFVI

The Hyper Wrist will boost your strength stat by 50%. The Genji-Glove will deliver two hits, as we all know.

Usually you’ll find that abilities are much more effective at dealing damage than regular attacks. But you may find that using this combo is effective to take out big threats rather quickly.

You can then have your other party members mop up the rest with area of effect attacks.


5. Dragoon Boots and Dragon Horn

Dragoon Boots and Dragon Horn in FF6

This zesty combo gives you the jump command, and then follows it up with additional jumps, up to a max of four!

It’s another way of getting multiple hits in for big damage if you haven’t had a chance to farm other items yet.

Jumping also takes the character offscreen for a moment, so it’s a fantastic to avoid large or debilitating attacks from bosses.


4. Miracle Shoes and Ribbon

Miracle Shoes and Ribbon in Final Fantasy VI

Miracle Shoes give you 4 great buffs at the start of combat: Haste, Protect, Shell and Regen.

And the Ribbon makes you immune to all negative status effects except zombie.

This is a fantastic combo for a leader role, such as Terra.

She can easily manage the other’s health and buffs rapidly, and then turn around and decimate the enemy with fast magical attacks.


3. Hero’s Ring and Earrings

Hero’s Ring and Earrings in FF6

The Hero’s Ring will boost your physical and magical attack both by 25%.

And even though physical boosts don’t stack with relics, magical boosts do!

Which is why pairing this relic with a set of earrings works well.

Some of your more well-rounded characters such as Cyan or Locke can make great use of this combo. And it prevents them from falling by the wayside.


2. Masters Scroll and Genji Glove

Masters Scroll and Genji Glove in FFVI

Search any forum on topics about the relics in Final Fantasy 6, and you’ll see this combo mentioned multiple times.

Simply put, this allows the wielder to attack eight times at full power!

Give this combo to Locke or Shadow, along with the thief knife weapon, to give them each 8 chances to steal with every attack action.

Absolute powerhouses such as Sabin can waltz through boss encounters with this no problem.

Usually a combo like this has a cost because of how effective it is. Well this one is for free, so make good use of it!


1. Soul of Thamasa and Celestriad

Soul of Thamasa and Celestriad FFVI Relic Combo

The ultimate combination of relics, and one you should absolutely try.

The Celestriad will lower the casting cost of all magic to 1 MP.

And the Soul of Thamasa changes your magic command to Dual-Cast, causing every magic command to be cast twice in a row.

That’s Thundaga, Firaga and Blizaga, all cast at MP rather than over 50 MP per cast… and it’s done twice!

Curaga used with this combo becomes a guaranteed full party heal for next to no cost.

It’s a good thing you can only get one Soul of Thamasa, or this combo would be all you need.

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