15 Best Relics in Final Fantasy VI (Ranked)

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One of the most vital aspects of combat in FF6 is your finding and utilization of relics.

Taking the place of accessories in this installment of the series, relics have many varied and wonderful abilities. And if you aren’t sure which ones are worth tracking down, this guide should help.

Here’s a list of the best relics in FF6, and where to find them.


15. Brigand’s Glove

Brigand’s Glove Relic in FF6

Changes the Steal command to Mug

Starting us off is the Brigand’s Glove!

While this Relic is only useable by Locke and GoGo, it does serve to make Locke in particular a viable character late game.

So much of your best equipment will be from stealing from high power monsters; the downside is that doing a regular steal won’t cause any damage.

This Relic gives the best of both worlds, allowing the wearer to both steal and deal damage on the same go.

The Brigand’s Glove can be found in ZoZo; stolen from Devil Fist or won at the Coliseum by wagering a Thief’s Knife, or a Thief Bracer!


14. Reflect Ring

Reflect Ring in FFVI

Casts Reflect on the wearer
The Reflect-Ring is a very useful Relic in multiple sections of the game where the enemies are heavy magic users, allowing you to bounce their spells back at them.

Casting a spell on a party member who has reflect will also allow you bypass an enemy’s Reflect, since a spell can only be rebounded once.

You can find the ring in Narshe and the Imperial Base.

You can also purchase it from Narshe, Albrook and Thamasa (all in the world of balance) and the same plus South Figaro in the World of Ruin.


13. Guard Bracelet

Guard Bracelet in Final Fantasy VI

Gives auto-protect and auto-shell to the wearer

A fantastic Relic for those who are defense-inclined. It gives an instant buff to whoever you equip this onto, and it’s ideal for battles where you need to set up quickly; or where you risk taking big damage at the start of an encounter.

Later on during the Coliseum it’s a great way to keep your fighter safe, as you can’t directly control your character.

You can obtain this item in Narshe by stealing it from a Fiend dragon, collecting it as a drop from Wrexsoul, and won in the Coliseum by wagering a Hero’s Ring.


12. Muscle Belt

Muscle Belt FFVI Relic

50% boost to maximum HP

Having a large HP pool can be a godsend at times.

And sometimes it’s the only way to ensure survival against attacks/spells that ignore magic defense.

The Muscle Belt is ideal for a front row attacker who’s at risk of taking lots of damage, or for a backrow caster that’s trying to set up buffs and de-buffs on the battlefield.

You can win this from Skull Dragon, or steal it from Glasya Labolas.


11. Gold Hairpin

Gold Hairpin Relic in FF6

Cuts MP costs by 50%

A very nice Relic with very obvious utility.

Any character can benefit from its effect, and you’ll likely find until late game that someone is always using this in your party – especially when you start unlocking the most powerful spells!

I mean, who doesn’t want to save on MP?


10. Mogs Amulet/Molulu’s Charm.

Mogs Amulet/Molulu’s Charm in FFVI

Prevents random encounters

While it’s always good to grind away in combat and level up, sometimes you just need to nip back and grab a missed item, and don’t want to have to battle every inch of the way.

This relic, when equipped to Mog, prevents all random enemy encounters.

This can give you a respite to find a save point, or escape an area you aren’t ready for yet. Or to do a sneaky infiltration to clear out some loot.

You can obtain this when you recruit Mog in the World of Ruin. Simply check the place directly behind him once he joins your party.


9. Merit Award

Merit Award in Final Fantasy VI

Allows characters to equip any weapon or armor

If you like customization then you’ll love this relic.

Merit Award gives characters the chance to equip any non-specific piece of equipment.

This allows some characters to become near invincible walls late game, or an all-out attacker fully geared to offense.

You can obtain this from the Colosseum by wagering a Cat-Ear Hood and defeating the Slag Worm.


8. Genji Glove

Genji Glove FFVI Relic

Allows you equip 2 weapons

This nifty little item is often missed early on in the game; and equally often, under appreciated.

This allows a character to equip a weapon in each hand and attack at full power with both. Just fantastic!

Useful at any point in the game, and only gets more useful as the game goes on.

You can find this at the Returners hideout, Cave to the Sealed Gate, Cyan’s Dream. Steal from Dragon, Dullahan, and Gilgamesh!


7. White Cape

White Cape Relic in FF6

Prevents imp and silence; defense and magic defense + 5 and +10% magic block

There a number of early game relics that boost stats and give status immunities.

But the white cape is universally accepted as the best of these.

It protects against silence and Imp, as well as boosting physical and magical defense.

Plus it adds 10% magic block on top of all that!

You can find this at the Returners hide out. Steal it from Ultros or buy it from Nikeah and Mobliz.


6. Hero’s Ring

Hero’s Ring in FFVI

+25% Physical and magical damage

The Hero’s Ring offers a nice and simple buff of 25% damage to both physical and magical damage.

Stack this with an Earring and you can have a very well-balanced character, suitable for any situation.

The Hero’s Ring can be found in South Figaro cave (third trip if you didn’t open its box beforehand), Dragon Neck cabin, Zone-Eater’s Belly and Kefka’s tower.

You can additionally buy one from the auction house or wager a guard bracelet at the Colosseum.


5. Ribbon

Ribbon in Final Fantasy VI

Immune to all negative statuses except zombie

The age-old classic ribbon, protects your equipped party member from every status ailment except zombie.

This can be found in Narshe Caves (third visit if you didn’t open its chest on your first/second story visit.)

Or you can find it in South Figaro in a chest below the chest containing an X-Potion.

Also find a Ribbon in the Phoenix Cave, Kefka’s Tower, and the Moogle Cave in the world of ruin.

Additionally it can be stolen from Ultima Weapon, Guardian, and Brachiosaur. You can actually get a lot of these!


4. Miracle Shoes

Miracle Shoes in FFVI

Casts haste, protect, shell and regen

The miracle shoes can be considered a must have relic.

Four powerful buffs at the start of the combat round, and you can obtain them multiple times.

You get these in the Colosseum by wagering a Rename Card and defeating a Fiend Dragon.


3. Master’s Scroll

Master’s Scroll FFVI Relic

Allows you to attack 4 times in a row

An absolute fan-favorite for sure!

Allowing you to attack four times in row, I don’t have to tell you how amazing a utility this is.

And the Master’s Scroll can be paired with other relics for incredible effect. Try pairing it with the Genji Gloves for 8 attacks!

Honestly, the only reason it isn’t in either of the top two spots, is due to there being only one in the game… and the other two just edging it out in utility.

The Master’s scroll is a 100% drop from a monster in a box in the Ancient Castle.


2. Soul of Thamasa.

Soul of Thamasa Relic in FF6

Spells are dual cast

Coming in right near the top, we have the mighty Soul of Thamasa.

This mighty relic will cause every spell to be dual cast! This is action economy at its finest.

The only gripe you’ll have is that there’s only a single one of them in the entire game.

The Soul of Thamasa is located at the top of the Tower of Fanatics.


1. Celestriad

Celestriad in Final Fantasy VI

All spells cost 1MP

Coming in on top we have the Celestriad!

This mighty relic will cause every spell you cast to only cost 1 MP. Yep, each and every casting.

Best of all?

You can obtain this Relic multiple times, meaning it can be available for all party members.

The Celestriad can be obtained at the Colosseum by wagering The Soul of Thamasa.

However, it’s much better to either kill a Brachiosaurus in the wild for a drop chance, or to steal them from Aquilas. Neither is a guarantee(and may be slow going) but this relic is more than worth it.

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