Best Shields In Final Fantasy VI (Ranked)

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Shields in Final Fantasy VI are a staple part of your equipment loadout. And at times they go overlooked.

I’m as guilty as anyone for always seeking damage dealing loadouts for my party.

But I’ve learned to appreciate the need for these items, and if you’re looking for shield suggestions then you’re in the right place.


8. Tortoise Shield

Tortoise Shield in Final Fantasy VI

Crude turtle shield used by imps.

Starting us off is the Tortoise Shield! This is part if the famous Imp set.

You can only bring out this item’s true potential when the wielder is suffering from the Imp status.

In that case it absorbs Water, has the highest physical and magical defense, and the second-highest magical and physical evasion!

Truly the only downside is the Imp status needed to get all these handy effects… otherwise this would be number one.

Obtained: Steal/drop from Basilisk; Wager Aegis Shield or Reed Cloak.


7. Flame Shield

Flame Shield FFVI Screenshot

Shield containing the power of Firaga.

The Flame shield is up next, really it’s almost interchangeable with the Ice and Thunder Shields. But stat-wise it is the weakest of the three.

This absorbs fire magic and Nullifies Ice magic. But it does, however, create a weakness to Water.

Additionally, whoever you equip with this shield can also learn Fira, at a rate of 5x!

Obtained: Steal from Rahu, Ketu, obtained from Cyan’s Soul, and wagering the Falchion or Ice Shield.


6. Ice Shield

Ice Shield in FFVI

Shield containing the power of Blizzaga.

With a single point higher defense than the Fire Shield, this ice-themed alternative takes a pretty solid spot on this list.

Similar to the Flame Shield, this one can absorb its own element. And it also nullifies Fire magic, but creates a weakness against Wind.

Ice magic is quite common amongst casting enemies in FF6. So it’s always advisable to have this shield available to your team.

Obtained: Steal from Inferno, obtained at Mt. ZoZo, Cyan’s Soul; wager Flame Shield or Chrystal Mail.


5. Thunder Shield

Thunder Shield FF6 Screenshot

Shield containing the power of Thundaga.

Of the main elemental shields in the game, this is honestly the superior choice.

Like the other elemental shields, this absorbs its own element (Lightning) and nullifies Wind, however it additionally offers resistance to Fire and Ice!

This is a very solid all-round shield, and can easily be the main choice of its kind for your party members.

However, the true worth of this item may well be in its value as a betting Item, being able to net you the fabulous Genji Shield!

Obtained from: Steal from Muud Suud; obtain at Mt. ZoZo and Zone Eater’s Belly; wager the Genji Shield, Genji Glove, or Gauntlet


4. Force Shield

Force Shield in Final Fantasy VI

Shield that defends only against magic.

The description says it all, I think.

The Force Shield is designed for magical defense, offering a +70 to magic defense and 50% to magic evasion!

Plus it grants resistance to Fire, Ice, Lightning, Wind, Water and Earth! And just to make it even better, it grants Shell to whoever has this equipped.

If you’re concerned about magical resistance, this shield goes a long way to making you as protected as possible against magic attacks.

Additionally, this also teaches Shell at a rate of 5x to the wielder.

Obtained: Kefka’s Tower; Steal from Glutturn; as a drop from the Ice Dragon; from wagering the Paladin’s Shield.


3. Genji Shield

Genji Shield FFVI Screenshot

Ancient shield from a foreign land.

Ah, the quintessential Genji Shield.

The Genji Items in all Final Fantasy games are always top tier, and this Shield is no exception!

In FF6 this boasts the second-highest standard defense out of all shields, and the fourth-highest Magic defense, additionally offering 20% evasion to both physical and magical attacks.

While it doesn’t come with innate resistances to elements, you’ll find it’s just so versatile that this shield really doesn’t require them.

Obtained: Cultist Tower; wager Thunder Shield


2. Aegis Shield

Aegis Shield in FFVI

Powerful shield that sometimes repels magic attacks.

Now this shield is very well known in the game, and for good reason.

This is overwhelmingly seen as the second-greatest Shield in game, some even see it as the best, since it’s a bit easier to obtain thank my top pick coming up.

The Aegis Shield boasts high physical defense, and even higher magical defense, with 20% physical evasion and a titanic 40% magical evasion!

It may not be the number one shield, but it certainly comes close.

And you certainly don’t want to let it slip through your fingers if you can get it.

Obtained: Mt. ZoZo, Kefka’s Tower


1. Paladin Shield

Paladin Shield in Final Fantasy VI

Wondrous shield that blocks a variety of attacks.

The best shield in FF6. No question about it!

You’ll get huge physical and magical defense, plus 40% physical and magical evasion.

The shield absorbs Fire, Ice, Lightning, and even Holy!

It also nullifies Water, Wind, Poison, and Earth damage, and even teaches Ultima at a rate of x1!

And here’s another fun fact: the Paladin Shield is also the only other way to obtain Ultima, other than the Ragnarok Esper.

So if you chose to take Ragnarok as a sword, then this is how you’ll be chasing Ultima for your party.

Obtained: First this requires you to get the Cursed Shield by recruiting Locke in the World of Ruin and opening the locked doors in Narshe.

The Cursed shield then has to be used in 256 battles, at which point the curse is vanquished and you’re left with the Paladin Shield as your prize.

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