Best Steals In Final Fantasy VI (And Where To Steal ‘Em)

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Locke is easily dismissed as a poor physical fighter, especially at the start of the game.

But don’t fall into this trap! Get into the habit of stealing every chance you can, in every encounter.

He can obtain some amazing items for your team. Some that may even be considered pretty essential.

And for this list I’ll be ranking some of the most important items worth stealing in the whole game!

But before we dive in, I quickly want to share the equations for Locke’s Steal ability.

Every enemy potentially has two Items to be stolen: a common item, and a rare item. The rare item has a 1 in 8 chance of being stolen (12.5%).

The math to work out Locke’s steal chance overall is: success Rate = (50 + Locke’s Level – Target’s Level)/128.

This essentially means that the higher you level up Locke, the better the chance of a successful steal.


8. Megalixer

Megalixer Steal in FF6

Fully restores the entire party’s HP and MP.

Let’s start off this list with the Megalixer.

This item can be an absolute god-send in tight situations, as it’s an instant full party refresher.

Magic is really important deeper into FF6. And in many boss battles (and even against some enemies) you may blast through your MP trying to defeat your opponents as quickly as possible.

And then suddenly realize you need to heal, but you don’t have enough Mp remaining for a full Curaga…

This is where the Megalixers are handy. Just a one-use item to get full HP and MP for all.

It may take a while to farm them, but these will be items essential on your journey.

Stolen from: Land Ray, which you’ll find on the Solitary Island and the Southern Continent, but be quick. They have 1Hp and have the Sap status. Stop will be your best friend here!


7. Muscle Belt

Muscle Belt FFVI Screenshot

Belt worn by martial artists. Boosts maximum HP by 50%

The Muscle Belt is great when going into a fight where you just need that little bit of extra staying power.

If you’re starting to face some of the more powerful enemies when grinding, you may be finding it a struggle to keep your party alive.

This helps deal with that little problem.

Certain spells like Ultima and Meteor bypass defenses, so your defensive buffs will be ineffective. But 50% extra HP may just see you through!

Stolen from: Glasya Labolas. These are located on Mt ZoZo, and they can be pretty dangerous. So you might want to Steal the item and then scram as quickly as possible.


6. Minerva Bustier

Minerva Bustier FFVI Steal

Breastplate that provides a 25% bonus to maximum MP.

While this is only meant for Terra and Celes, this should be considered an essential item for them both.

It nullifies Fire, Ice, Wind, and Lightning attacks, and grants resistance to Earth, Poison, Water, and Holy!

It also boosts Strength, Speed, and Magic. And as stated, it boosts up maximum MP as well!

Knowing all this, it should be a priority to obtain two for your party.

Stolen from: Tonberries! These are a Monster in a Box located in the Yeti’s Cave. After the encounter you’ll be able to find Tonberries on the Veldt! However, it’s important to bear in mind these are level 99, so Locke will need to be at least level 50 to stand a chance.


5. Genji Glove

Genji Glove Steal in FF6

Armored glove from a foreign land. Allows the wearer to equip a weapon in each hand.

Ah, the Genji Glove. What a Relic!

While Magic will be your main go-to, there will be times where being able to use two weapons and making multiple attacks will be just what the doctor ordered.

Locke can use this to great effect for his steals by having two Thief’s Knives equipped, increasing his chances to steal.

Or maybe try out the famous Genji Glove combined with the Master’s Scroll.

8 attacks? Yes please!

Stolen from: The Dragons on the Floating continent aren’t just sources of high EXP – keep stealing and you’ll have more of this Relic than you know what to do with!


4. Ribbon

Ribbon Battle in Final Fantasy VI

Silk ribbon enchanted with powerful protective magic. Prevents all status ailments.

We all know the Ribbon by now.

And we all know not to leave home without it!

With this equipped, you won’t have to fear combat with any enemy that inflicts negative statuses on your party.

Especially ones such as Chaos Dragon, who can use Disaster to inflict numerous status effects upon the party all at once!

Stolen from: Guardian and Ultima Weapon, but realistically you’ll most likely farm these from Brachiosaur when you get to Dinosaur Forest in the World of Ruin.


3. Ultima Weapon

Rest Battle - FFVI iOS Screenshot

Sword whose attack power is bound to its wielder’s HP.

As one of the mightiest weapons in the game, this has the potential to deal devastating damage.

However, you’ll need to have your HP at max to bring out its full potential.

Now you could be plotting the best defensive builds here, or you could decide to have a dedicated healer for the wielder – especially since stealing this one means you’d have two of them.

Imagine that: equipping a Genji Glove and dual wielding these bad boys. The bosses may as well not show up!

Stolen from: Rest!


2. Ragnarok

Terra Mines Screenshot in FFVI iOS

Sword that may cast Flare upon striking an enemy.

Ragnarok is straight-up one of the most powerful weapons you can get.

Or if you chose the Magicite instead of this weapon, now’s your chance to get your grubby little mitts on one for your party.

Boasting titanic attack power, as well as solid stat boosts, this is one weapon you can’t get enough of.

Additionally, you can always bet it in the Dragon’s Neck Coliseum to get the Lightbringer, or a second Ragnarok if you already have one.

Stolen from: Lady! Not an easy opponent at the best of times, but you know that after getting this weapon, all future fights will be much easier.


1. Celestriad

Celestriad Steal in FF6

Necklace with three star-shaped bangles on its chain. Reduces the MP cost of all magic to 1.

If there’s any item you want to have for every character, it’s this.

Magic becomes super important late game.

And the spells that are essential, such as Firaga and Thundaga, have high tolls of well over 50 MP.

Ultima alone costs 80 MP!

But this tasty little number, however, makes all spells cost 1 MP.

That’s potentially an entire party of 4, casting Ultima each turn, and never worrying about managing their MP reserves in case they need quick dose of Curaga.

But no worries, cause you’ve got the Celestriad!

Stolen from: Galypdes. You can find these in the Phoenix Cave and also in the Dragon Neck Coliseum. No matter how long it takes, it is always worth getting a full set of these!

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