Edgar’s Best Tools in Final Fantasy VI (All Ranked)

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Edgar is widely considered one of the power houses of the game.

Right from the start his tools are indispensable to the party’s survival. But which ones are most worth using?

Throughout your journey you’ll collect a total of eight tools, and today we’ll be ranking them all!


8. Debilitator

Debilitator Edgar in FF6

Effect: Assigns an enemy a random elemental weakness.

The Debilitator seems to have real utility at first glance:

Give an enemy to a weakness to an element.

The downside is that it targets a single enemy, and assigns a random weakness.

If you had a level of control over choosing the elemental weakness, this Tool would be a lot higher on this list.

Obtained: Steal from Right Crane, Missile Bay and Armoured Weapon. Or buy from Figaro Castle in the World of Ruin.


7. Noise Blaster

Noise Blaster in Final Fantasy VI

Effect: Confuses all enemies with a blast of sound.

I really wanted to place this tool higher up on the list, because it’s just so much fun!

You have a squad of enemies attacking each other, dealing damage or negative effects to each other.

Makes your job a whole lot easier.

And while this is great in most situations, particularly during the World of Balance, it’s let down by the fact it does no direct damage. And some higher level enemies and most bosses are immune to it.

Still, and I can’t state this enough: try this out and have fun with it!

Obtained: Buy from Figaro Castle, World of Balance.


6. Bio Blaster

Bio Blaster FFVI Screenshot - Edgar's Tool

Effect: Deals Poison damage and Sap status to all enemies.

The Bio Blaster deals magical damage – making it useable even in the late game if you’re inclined.

It also inflicts the Sap status, damaging your enemies each turn. This action is also unblockable and ignores damage split.

Essentially it’s a fantastic group softener to use at the start of an encounter.

The downside is, especially during the early game, the Auto Crossbow can be used to clear the battlefield with a single use.

Obtained: Buy from Figaro Castle, World of Balance.


5. Auto Crossbow

Auto Crossbow in FFVI

Effect: Strikes all enemies with a spray of crossbow bolts.

Edgar’s iconic weapon, and the Tool that can carry you through most of the early game.

You get this right from the start (in fact, make sure you don’t accidently buy a second one when you get to Figaro Castle!)

And it usually eclipses the Noise Blaster and Bio Blaster, which you can also purchase at the castle.

Eventually you’ll find its effectiveness wanes, and by that point you’ll have replaced it with more potent Tools. So either way it’s great for its time.

Obtained: You automatically gain this in Figaro Castle when you meet Edgar.


4. Drill

Drill - FFVI Edgar's Tool

Effect: Penetrates an enemy’s armour to deal severe damage.

The Drill offers a great high damage option for a single enemy.

You get this a bit before the middle of the game, and it proves its worth Effect:.

You’ll find the Drill highly effective on bosses and enemy encounters that have a single powerful enemy on the field.

It does deal physical damage, but it can be used in the backrow with no damage reduction!

Obtained: Buy from Figaro Castle after the Narshe battle sequence.


3. Air Anchor

Air Anchor - Edgar's Tool in FF6

Effect: Causes an enemy to self-destruct upon moving.

The Air Anchor is still argued about to this day in regards to its utility;

Some place it at the top of the list, others right at the bottom.

Essentially it gives an unmissable death status.

Once assigned, if the target moves, it dies. Simple as that.

The downside is that the enemy does get an opportunity to hit you or perform an action.

It’s an item that seems like it should be the most powerful Tool Edgar has access to, but others do have more utility.

Obtained: Found in the Cultist Tower


2. Chainsaw

Chainsaw Tool in Final Fantasy VI

Effect: Damages or instantly dispatches an enemy.

Along with the Air anchor, this is considered a secret weapon, and is essentially a much more powerful version of the Drill.

It does huge physical damage to a single target, and has a 25% chance of causing instant death too!

It’s also pretty cool seeing Edgar use this tool, as he dons a hockey mask in the style of Jason Voorhees. What a boss.

Obtained: found in ZoZo by solving the clock puzzle.


1. Flash

Flash Tool in FFVI

Effect: Inflicts darkness on all enemies with a brilliant flash.

In at number one we have the Flash!

This is a Tool that at first seems slightly more powerful than the Auto Crossbow, and does essentially the same thing, as well as inflicting Blind on enemies.

But it’s a Tool that grows with Edgar as the story progresses, as it deals magic damage.

Building your character’s magical stats and teaching them spells is an essential part of the game. And as you do this with Edgar, you’ll see his damage output increase with the Flash.

This tool (perhaps with some assistance from the Chainsaw or Drill as needed) will keep Edgar and his wonderful Tools relevant throughout the entire game.

Obtained: Buy in Figaro castle after the Narshe battle sequence.

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