FF6: Gau’s Best Rages In The Game, Ranked

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Gau is character that you can recruit fairly early in the game during Sabin’s solo quest. He’s usually an unpopular choice on a first playthrough due to not being able to control his attack directly, and the general lack of tips in-game of how effective he can be.

However, most of us discover how effective and ultimately powerful Gau can become with his rages.

Gau learns physical and magical attacks from enemies when he uses the “leap” command. But leap is only available while in the area known as the Veldt.

The good news is that you can encounter nearly every enemy you’ve ever entered into combat with in the Veldt; you don’t even need to have defeated them, just encountered them.

Well if you’re going out hunting rages then this guide should be perfect. Here are some of Gau’s best learnable rages that’ll keep him in your party throughout the whole playthrough.


10. Satellite

Satellite Rage in FF6

Satellite is one rage a lot of people are on the fence about. But it has great utility, and is ideal for softening up your foes so your other party members can finish them quickly.

It’s also immune to nearly every negative status. So using this will help if you don’t have a lot of ribbons available.

Special attack: Sonic boom, this attack deals 5/8 damage to the foe’s current HO. It will never finish an enemy off, but by cutting them down, they should be easy enough to finish off. Just be aware most unique enemies will be immune to this.
Passive abilities: Float
Immunities: Blind, zombie, poison, invisible, Imp, petrify, death, doom, critical, image, silence, berserk, confused, sap and sleep.
Weaknesses: Thunder, water
Encountered in: Imperial Camp


9. Bomb

Bomb FFVI Gau's Rage

Fire damage seems to be a theme among these early rages, and perhaps rightly so.

Fire tends to be considered as the main damage dealing spell in the fantasy genre!

Bombs have a beastly attack that could target one (or all) foes; and this comes with some nifty immunities as well!

Now the bomb can be a rare enemy, so search around for them when you visit the Phantom Train.

Special attack: Blaze, fire element attack one/all foes
Passive abilities: Float
Weaknesses: Ice and Water
Encountered in: Phantom Train


8. Templar

Templar in Final Fantasy VI

The Templar has few immunities, but is weak only to poison.

Templar casts protect straight away, giving Gau a buff to his defenses and has access to Fira.

Effective and straight to the point, just like an empire soldier should be!

Special abilities: Fira one/all enemies
Passive abilities: Protect
Immunities: Blind and sleep
Weaknesses: Poison
Encountered: Imperial palace


7. Marchosias

Marchosias in FFVI

Holding the rare element of wind, this rage hits very hard with high accuracy. And hits all of your foes on the field, too.

It has great immunities to boot, and is only weak to its own element.

An absolute must-have when wading through combat areas with multiple enemies.

Special attack: Aero all enemies
Passive ability: Float
Immunities: Imp, petrify, death, doom, critical, confused, sleep, slow and stop.
Weakness: Wind
Encountered: World Map (World of Ruin)


6. Aspirian

Aspirian Gau's Rage in FF6

Fantastically powerful, nuff said.

Utilizing the thunder element for its special attack, this thing can deal some damage.

The only downside is it can attack one or all foes sporadically, vs. other rages that hit all enemies in a more predictable manner.

But still, the high damage output won’t have you complaining.

Special attack: Gigavolt, one/all enemies
Passive ability: Float
Immunities: Blind, Imp, Silence, Confused and sleep
Weakness: Fire
Encountered: Serpent Trench


5. Tyranosaur

Tyranosaur FFVI Gau's Rage

Search forums everywhere online, and you’ll see this is a rage that everyone loves.

It’s hard to find a reason not to love it.

This has got great power with okay accuracy; but its best aspects are that it hits all foes and ignores reflect.

Along with the immunities it grants, this is an absolute powerhouse of a rage, much like its namesake.

Special attack: Meteor, all foes; ignores reflect
Passive ability: None
Immunities: Blind, zombie, poison, imp, petrify, death, doom, critical, image, silence, berserk, confuse, sap and stop
Weakness: Ice
Encountered: World Map (World of Ruin) in a forest north of the Veldt, shaped like a dinosaur’s head.


4. Io

Io in Final Fantasy VI

We are definitely getting into the realm of popular rages now, and this one’s a doozy.

Io will do large amounts of damage, and much like the Tyrannosaur, ignores reflect and similar defenses.

Its special attack’s element is fire, so it hits all foes and just doesn’t miss. Talk about a game changer.

Special attack: Flare Star
Passive ability: None
Immunities: poison, wind, blind, zombie, invisible, imp, critical, image, silence, berserk, confuse, sap, sleep and stop
Weakness: Lightning, holy, and water
Encountered: Dreamscape


3. Yojimbo

Yojimbo FFVI Gau's Rage

I’m attempting to avoid spoilers here, but I guarantee you for a very sentimental reason you’ll want this rage.

But that’s not the reason it’s taken the number 3 spot. Because it’s also extremely powerful!

It’s non-elemental and cannot be avoided, so it hits all enemies 100% of the time.

Frequently cited as the best rage to sweep the field with, you’ll be returning to this choice again and again (once you have it).

Special attack: Shock; all enemies
Passive ability: None
Immunities: Blind, petrify, death, doom, critical, confuse and sleep
Weakness: Poison
Encountered: Kefka’s Tower


2. Raffelesia

Raffelesia Gau's Rage in FF6

Coming in at number 2 we have the rage considered to be the most overpowered of them all.

This rage’s special ability causes the afflicted to harm itself, much like confuse, except physical attacks can’t clear it.

And nothing is immune to this… that’s right, even bosses!

Perhaps the only reason this isn’t number one is because the special attack’s accuracy isn’t fantastic. And many have said the game almost becomes boring due to how over powered it is.

Still, it deserves its spot on this list.

Special attack: Entice
Passive abilities: None
Immunities: Blind, Zombie, Poison, Invisible, Imp, Petrify, Death, Doom, Critical, Image, Silence, Berserk, Confuse, Sap, Sleep, Slow, Stop
Weakness: None
Encountered: Jidoor


1. Stray Cat

Stray Cat in FFVI

No seriously, stray cat.

I assure you I’m not joking here!

This easily overlooked enemy is a power house of a rage for Gau.

Offering multiple attacks with high damage output, this can quickly become your go to. Or maybe even your only selection, even into the late game.

This is essentially just a beating stick choice. But believe you-me, use it and you won’t regret it.

And let’s say you want to make it even more overpowered?

Give Gau the Master’s Scroll…

Special abilities: Cat scratch – physically attack four times!
Passive abilities: None
Immunities: None
Weaknesses: None
Encountered: World Map

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