FF6: Sabin’s Best Blitzes In The Game (All 8, Ranked)

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Sabin is one of my favorite characters in the game. I love the story of the Prince giving up his claim on the throne to dedicate himself to martial arts.

All this training comes with the payoff of having powerful techniques at his disposal.

The inputs for his techniques can trip up new players at first, but just like in martial arts, practice and repetition makes perfect!

For this ranking I’ll cover all of Sabin’s Blitz abilities for you, sharing why they’re great and which ones are truly the best.


8. Chakra

Chakra - Blitz Screenshot in FF6

“Restores some HP to all other party members.”

Level Learned: 23

We start off the list with a simple blitz: Chakra.

Chakra Heals the entire party equal to Sabin’s current HP, divided amongst the party members. And it removes Blind, Poison, Silence, and Sap.

You’ll mainly find its use if the party is afflicted by any of those statuses, as it’s faster than trying to heal them in other ways(and it costs no MP)!

However, this is clearly the least of Sabin’s awesome techniques, though it shouldn’t be shirked completely.


7. Soul Spiral

Soul Spiral FF6 Android Screenshot

“Sacrifices self to fully heal all other party members.”

Level Learned: 42, or by visiting Duncan in the World of Ruin.

This Blitz should be reserved for when your party is in dire straits, as it does take Sabin out of the encounter.

It will, however, restore the rest of the party’s HP & MP, and cures them of Blind, Zombie, Imp, Poison, Petrify, Doom, Silence, Berserk Confuse, Sap, Sleep, Slow, Stop and Frozen.

Basically almost all status effects can be cured with this blitz. Pretty much gives you a total freshly healed party.

Sabin’s sacrifice will not be forgotten!


6. Meteor Strike

Meteor Strike FF6 Blitz Screenshot

“Hurls a single enemy into the ground.”

Level Learned: 10

Formerly known as Suplex, this Blitz has the potential to deal the highest physical damage out of any of Sabin’s techniques.

I would love to rank this higher on the list, both due to the damage potential and some hilarity that ensues from it.

But this blitz does have its output cut short if there are multiple foes on the field, and it doesn’t affect every enemy.

That said, Meteor Strike is a fantastic trump card to deal some high damage against a foe.

As a minor spoiler: when you’re in combat with the Phantom Train, try it out.


5. Raging Fist

Raging Fist FF6 Blitz Screenshot

“Unleashes a flurry of blows on a single enemy.”

Level Learned: 1

Raging Fist: the ionic Monk attack, and the very first Blitz you’ll use.

It’s got great physical damage and ignores defense. So for a lot of the early parts of the game, this may well be your go-to move.

The only real downside is that it targets a random enemy. But this is negated by the fantastic damage it dishes out! So you’ll probably be happy with whatever enemy you land a hit on.


4. Rising Phoenix

Rising Phoenix FF6 Blitz Screenshot

“Engulfs all enemies in spiritual flame.”

Level Learned: 15

Now this is where Sabin really begins to shine.

I, myself, used this very Blitz to assist in grinding levels early game, as it can take out most early enemies with ease.

Rising Phoenix is a magic-based technique, so it’ll be boosted more by Relics like Earrings rather than the Hyper Wrist.

And naturally, any enemy weak to fire will be easily taken out by this move.


3. Aura Cannon

Aura Cannon in FF6 on Android

“Blasts a single enemy with a bolt of holy energy.”

Level learned: 3

This is the earliest access to Holy magic in the game, and it packs a huge punch.

It’s really a surprise that you get access to this so early!

You’ll be using Aura Cannon a lot through the game, since there’s a lot of enemies that are weak to Holy. So it dishes out a lot of hurt on the battlefield.

Now it does count as a magical attack, so if you want to boost it up, you should be looking to boost Sabin’s magical output.


2. Razor Gale

Razor Gale Blitz - Sabin Screenshot

“Slashes at all enemies with a cutting wind.”

Level Learned: 30

Razor Gale will essentially count as your upgrade to Rising Phoenix.

It uses the rare wind element, has higher damage output that Rising Phoenix, and ignores split damage.

Normally I would suggest using moves like this as softeners during encounters, but this hits very hard.

And with an item such as the Hermes Sandals, Sabin is an absolute force to be reckoned with. This blitz can decimate the endless ranks of enemies you’ll be facing all along your adventure.


1. Phantom Rush

Phantom Rush Blitz in FF6

“Deals massive damage to a single enemy.”

Level Learned: 70, or visit Duncan in the World of Ruin.

And finally, we get to Sabin’s number one Blitz: Phantom Rush.

The culmination of all of Sabin’s training.

It deals non-elemental magical damage to a single target, and offers the highest overall damage potential out of every Blitz (apart, perhaps, from Aura Cannon in a few select instances).

You can get Phantom Rush either by leveling up, or by visiting Duncan in the World of Ruin. But no matter how you go about it, this is an absolute must-have.

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