FF8: The Best Triple Triad Cards & Where To Get Them

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Final Fantasy VIII experimented with a lot of things. It was a departure from previous entries for sure.

And while a lot of these new ideas maybe didn’t pan out too well (and for the most part stay forgotten), one thing did stick around that has become a legend in the Final Fantasy series: Triple Triad.

Triple Triad is just about the only minigame in Final Fantasy VIII.

It’s a card game played on a 3×3 grid, and involves pitting numbered cards against other cards.

It’s very simple to play and a lot of fun, especially when you factor in the addictive “gotta get ‘em all” quality.

Triple Triad rewards players with not only an ever-expanding deck, but also the power to turn cards into rare and powerful items – so collecting them is worth the time.

Of course, to do all that you’ll need good cards.

There are over 100 unique cards in the game, and knowing which are the best can be tricky. Can be, not will be.

So let’s go over the best Triple Triad cards and how you can get your hands on them, so that you too can be a master.


10. Doomtrain

Doomtrain Card Acquired / FF8 HD

Doomtrain is one of the rare cards that has two aces side-by-side.

Affixing the card to the appropriate corner will make a near impenetrable wall.

This is an excellent card to use as your opening move, or something to defend weaker cards that you don’t want taken.

The big downside to Doomtrain, and the reason it’s not higher on the list, is that the numbers aside from the aces are pretty weak.

Being too aggressive with Doomtrain will result in losing it pretty easily.

Doomtrain is at its best when used defensively, and (unfortunately) it’s pretty subpar otherwise.

How to Obtain: Win it from the pub owner in Timber during the Queen of Cards sidequest (you’ll need the airship).


9. Quezacotl

Quezacotl Card in FF8 HD

Much like Doomtrain, Quezacotl is a card that is at its absolute best when used defensively.

The two nines make a great defense when laid in a corner, or against already-taken cards.

What puts ol’ Quetzy above Doomtrain is that you can get it earlier, and its weaker numbers aren’t as weak.

The two on top is actually useful for taking advantage of the Plus rule as well.

How to Obtain: Win it from the Mayor of Fisherman’s Horizon.


8. Siren

Getting Siren Card Screenshot / FF8 HD

Siren is a great card you can get before the end of disc one, and the perfect card to be a ‘stepping stone’ to get you bigger and better things.

Siren has a great spread, with only one side being a glaring weak point.

She can easily be used as an attacker, able to claim multiple weaker cards all at once, or a good defender & able to hold any left side position with ease.

How to Obtain: Win her from the Pub Manager in Dollet (you can return to Dollet any time after Timber).


7. Sacred and Minotaur

Getting Minotaur Triple Triad Card / FF8 HD

Yes, we’re cheating a little here.

But Sacred and Minotaur are a natural pair as Guardian Forces, and should remain together as cards, too.

Sacred and Minotaur have numbers that are perfectly copasetic – and can create a very strong defensive game.

When working together, the Brothers’ numbers can create a wall of 9s. And owning almost a third of the board is a great way to just about guarantee your victory.

And having a lot of the same number is a great way to use both the Same and Plus rules to your advantage.

How to Obtain: Defeating the Brothers in the Tomb of the Unknown King rewards you with both cards (as well as the GF).


6. Seifer

Seifer Triple Triad Card / FF8 HD

Our favorite Disciplinary Committee member has a card, and it has a lot of high numbers on it.

Seifer is one of those cards that’s great for creating a secure wall, or even better, flipping three cards at once.

You could use the card defensively too. He’s great for an opening play, but just looking at him you can tell that the Seifer card craves to be used offensively to take as much as it can.

How to Obtain: Win from Headmaster Cid. The earliest you can do this is when you’re supposed to take the train to Timber, head back to Balamb Garden and challenge him (otherwise you’ll have to wait until much later).


5. Diablos

Getting Diablos Card / FF8 HD

Diablos is one of those cards that’s super reliable and can last you quite a while.

I’d wager that old daddy D will stay in a lot of player’s decks for a large portion of the game – and for good reason!

He has a good set of numbers, including an ace, and comes at a time when seeing that A on a card isn’t too common.

There might be technically better cards than Diablos, but his ease of acquisition and solid number formation makes him a true friend.

How to Obtain: Before leaving for Timber, Headmaster Cid will give Squall a Magic Lamp item. When used, you’ll face off against the red devil and upon victory will be rewarded with his card.


4. Zell

Zell Triple Triad Card / FF8 HD

Another card with an early A on it, Zell is a great card – either as a mainstay in your deck or a stepping stone to better things.

Zell is great when put on the defensive, and able to easily handle most opponents played beneath him.

He can also serve a pretty respectable defensive game, though that approach isn’t really his strong point.

How to Obtain: Understandably, you’ll win this card from Zell’s mother (Ma Dincht). You can do this at really any point in the game (with Zell in your party) but the earliest (and best time) is right before you take the boat for the Dollet mission.


3. Quistis

Getting Quistis Card / FF8 HD

Quistis’ card is one of the first character cards you’ll get.

It’s also one of the first real defensive cards you’ll get as well.

Quistis works best when sat against the left side, and it just takes up a space. Not too much early game can topple her.

And even in the later stages of the adventure, her numbers will still keep her a formidable force.

Her left side 2 is a large weak point, but keeping that covered is pretty easy. Especially considering the rest of her numbers.

How to Obtain: In the Balamb Garden Cafeteria there are a couple male students at a table. The one in the back (Trepie Groupie #1) and win the card from him.


2. Ifrit

Ifrit Battle & Ifrit Card / FF8 HD Screenshot

Sometimes a card’s value doesn’t come exclusively from its numbers.

Those are important, sure. But the time and place can be just as important.

Ifrit is one such example.

This card has great numbers on it, and you get it quite early in the game. A 9 and 8 in such a pattern makes it so you’ll always have either a fantastic opening move, or a great follow-up attack.

Ifrit will be a reliable friend for most of your time with Triple Triad, I promise.

How to Obtain: Simply defeat Ifrit in the Fire Cavern and you’ll get the card. It’s a mandatory, story-driven objective so you can’t miss it.


1. Minimog

Getting Minimog Card / FF8 HD

Minimog at first glance may not seem all that amazing.

It has two 9s, sure. But the sides are wide open.

And yeah, comparatively it’s not that great a card.

But what gives our small Moogle friend such an important status is, like Ifrit, its where and when.

Minimog is one of the first, if not the first, rare card you can get.

And because of that it’s a very important stepping stone to greatness.

Minimog will be that card that helps you start your collecting. The first rare card that will give you the power you need to use that weak starting deck to rack up wins so you can move on to bigger and better decks.

Minimog’s power isn’t that it’s a sustainable card, but rather that it helps you grow.

How to Obtain: There’s a boy in a blue shirt that runs through the central elevator area in Balamb Garden. You might have to leave and reenter the screen a few times to make him appear. This boy has the Minimog card and the true start to your Triple Triad journey.

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