Hardest Bosses in Final Fantasy VIII: The Ultimate List

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One of the best parts of any Final Fantasy game is finding, and battling, all the new and strange creatures that roam the lands.

Final Fantasy VIII maintains the traditional active-time battle system that the series is known for – but built on top of the brand-new Junction system.

Together it makes a battle system that’s fast and intense, opening the door to a whole world of interesting and awesome fights.

And the best fights are always the bosses.

Big, special enemies loaded with unique & powerful attacks that really push players to their limits, both through use of mechanics and high power levels.

Final Fantasy VIII takes it to a whole new level of challenge, so let’s take a look at the toughest bosses in the game.


10. Cerberus

Cerberus Boss from FFVIII Remastered

Our three-headed canine friend is hanging around in the Galbadian Garden’s lobby when Squall and company roll through near the end of disc 2.

Cerberus is an optional boss. If he intimidates you too much, you could just walk away.

Should you face your fears, though, you’ll be in for a tough fight.

Cerberus loves the Triple spell. It’s kind of his thing.

If he applies Triple, do everything you can to dispel it off him. Otherwise you’re going to have to face three consecutive castings of scary spells like quake or tornado.

It doesn’t help matters that Cerberus is naturally fast, and at this point in the game probably faster than any of your humble party members. And his physical attacks are capable of taking one of them down in a single bite.

Defeating Cerberus is certainly a challenge, but the rewards for doing so are equally as big.


9. Diabolos

Diabolos boss in Final Fantasy 8

Early in the game, Headmaster Cid gives Squall a Magical Lamp.

The lamp warns you in the menu that you should probably save before using it. And it’s right!

Most players will use the lamp shortly after acquiring it, and doing so makes the enemy contained within much harder.

Diabolos does two things: cast gravity, and attack you with his claws.

Neither alone are too threatening, but together are super dangerous.

His Gravities lower the party’s HP by half, and he’ll do it twice in a row before coming at you with his claws to finish the job.

Anytime you choose to fight Diabolos you’ll have a time of it, but his intended time of disc one makes him a true challenge.


8. Odin

Odin FFVIII Remastered boss

During his battle, Odin doesn’t do a darn thing to you.

Then why is he so tough?

Because you’re timed.

From the moment you enter the Centra Ruins where Odin lives, you have twenty minutes to find, and defeat, the ancient Guardian Force.

Never mind all the random encounters, and you’ll have to solve puzzles on the way!

It’s a real endurance stretch to push all the way through the Centra Ruins and then deal enough damage to Odin (as well as drawing whatever magic you want from him) within the time limit given to you.

It feels like twenty minutes is a long time. But once you’re actually going for it, you’ll see that those seconds tick by much, much faster than you’d probably like.


7. Jumbo Cactuar

Jumbo Cactuar Final Fantasy 8 boss

Once you land upon Cactuar Island and fight the scurrying boss, you’ll find that the Jumbo Cactuar is many things: huge, powerful, and fast.

The Jumbo Cactuar counters all physical attacks with 10,000 Needles: an attack that does 10,000 points of damage. That’s an instant KO.

He also uses Ker Plunk liberally, which hits the whole party for high damage.

The worst part of Jumbo Cactuar is that if you’re not quick enough in defeating him, he’ll run away and leave you to start the fight all over again.

That’s such a Cactuar thing to do.


6. Mobile Type-8

Mobile Type-8 in FF8

Encountered first as Laguna and then finished as Squall, the Mobile Type-8 is a tremendous battle machine that is as challenging as it is imposing.

In battle, it switches between Attack and Support mode.

During the support mode it’ll heal itself and counter all your attacks with attacks of its own. Truly annoying.

During the attack mode, Mobile Type-8 will charge up and use its Corona attack.

This unfortunately-named attack brings the party down to one hit point. You only have a short time before Type-8 follows up with Megiddon Flame to finish the job.

Battling Type-8 is all about being one step ahead of the machine.

Keep your eyes open and you’ll come out on top, though not without plenty of damage taken along the way.


5. Tri-Point

Tri-Point from FFVIII

As one of Ultimecia’s eight minions, Tri-Point is located in her castle – and in a place where most players will encounter her before recovering too many of their abilities.

This means that Tri-Point will present an even greater challenge.

Tri-Point stays up in the air and sweeps down to attack the party with physical attacks, but also counterattacks anything with Mega Spark, which does substantial damage.

Since you fight Tri-Point in a lesser state, thanks to Ultimecia’s castle, it’s going to be a true ordeal surviving Mega Spark, and doing enough damage to put Tri-Point down for good.


4. Bahamut

Bahamut FFVIII boss

Bahamut is sleeping soundly in the Deep Sea Research Facility and can’t be bothered until late in the game.

Which is a good indicator on how tough he is.

Bahamut’s physical attacks deal lots of damage, probably enough to instantly defeat any party member not well-junctioned.

He also very much enjoys casting Stop and will do so in consecutive turns, meaning he can quite literally halt your party’s progress against him.

Between claws and Stops, he’ll barrage the party with Thundaga and Tornado.

And as is standard for Bahamut, in the later stages of the fight he’ll start charging and using Mega Flare.

Mega Flare does lots of damage, well over 5000.

And Bahamut can, and will, use it two times in a row.

Defeating Bahamut in FFVIII takes good planning and execution, but is totally worth it.


3. X-ATM092

X-ATM092 in Final Fantasy 8

After the radio tower in Dollet, a giant mechanical spider starts chasing after Squall and his team.

Being so early in the game, and with the team not even being official SeeDs, X-ATM092 is a tremendous challenge.

So much of a challenge, in fact, that the game itself even encourages you to run away.

And if you’re not confident, you should!

Those who stand their ground are in for a heck of a fight.

X-ATM092 cannot be defeated during your first encounter with it. The party must run when told, but after that it’s up to you to deal as much damage as you can.

X-ATM092 loves hitting hard with its big claws and party-wide laser attacks. It’s very easy to see the game over screen if you didn’t prepare.


2. Ultima Weapon

Ultima Weapon FF8 boss

Buried under the Deep Sea Research Facility lies the Ultima Weapon.

Ultima Weapon is a serious threat to any party. Not only is it strong, but getting to it is an ordeal and half unto itself!

It takes a long time to even earn the right to battle this guy.

One of Ultima Weapon’s favorite moves is Light Pillar, which is an attack that always does 9999 damage.

The damage cannot be lowered or evaded.

And Ultima Weapon can do it twice in a row!

Besides Light Pillar, Ultima Weapon also uses Quake and Meteor, which do lots of damage to the whole party. It also uses Gravija and physical attacks.

So yeah, Ultima Weapon is relentless and not to be challenged by the faint of heart. Only those at the peak of their game should brave the depths to cross swords with the beast.


1. Omega Weapon

Omega Weapon boss in Final Fantasy 8

Omega is the last letter in the Greek alphabet, and is often used as a title to denote finality.

There’s no better moniker for The Omega Weapon in FFVIII.

It will be the last enemy you truly fight, one way or another.

Omega Weapon is a boss so tremendously tough that one of the most acceptable strategies used to defeat him involves items that make the party completely invincible, and thus bypass all of its attacks.

Yes, that’s right:

Omega Weapon is so hard that one of the best ways to win is to not fight at all.

Should you choose to throw down in the traditional method, you’re in for a heck of a fight. Omega Weapon uses Ultima Weapon’s one hit KO Light Pillar attack, as well as stuff like Gravija, Meteor, and Tornado.

It also uses Terra Break, which is a physical attack that will instantly defeat anybody who isn’t defending.

And did I mention that Omega Weapon opens the fight with Level 5 Death? Because he does!

And it’s so late in the game that the odds of your level being a factor of five is very good.

Defeating Omega Weapon without restoring to invincibility methods is a tremendous feat of strength.

And believe me, the game will reward you accordingly. Or will it? I guess that’s up to you to find out.

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