FF9: Best Items To Steal (And Where To Steal Them)

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This is a really fun topic to cover. In Final Fantasy IX, the main protagonist Zidane’s defining characteristic is that he’s a loveable rogue – a thief from the “Touring Theatre Troupe” Tantalus.

As a result, in battle Zidane’s key ability is the ability to steal items from enemies (transformation and dropping intergalactic scale nukes aside).

In one of gaming’s best integrations of narrative with gameplay, Zidane’s ability to steal from enemies – and especially from bosses – goes a very long way.

And is incredibly useful if you can use it often. But which enemies are gonna give you the most valuable loot?

Here I want to showcase this useful ability in FFIX by highlighting some of the best steals in the game, and where you can get them.


8. The Mage Masher

The Mage Masher in Final Fantasy IX

Right from the words “Ready… set… go!!!” we’re met with our first great steal.

Should Hermes be in a good mood that day, you may well snag this item from the very first fight in the game – the warmup against Baku.

(More likely you’ll spend about 20 minutes trying to steal anything with your party of 4 thieves, we’ve all had to do it.)

The Mage Masher is Zidane’s second weapon, and would not otherwise be obtainable until about halfway through disc 1.

Considering it grants early access to Tidal Flame (which completely trivializes the Waltz/Sealion fight), it is a must-have.

Where to steal: Masked Man on the Prima Vista.


7. Ice Staff

Ice Staff Steal in FF9

I cringed a little recommending this one. Because it’s stolen from Gizamaluke, and unless you’re well prepared, he will wreck your day.

It’s worth it, however.

Between the Ice Staff and the Lightning Staff found in Burmecia, Vivi will have most of his tier 2 spells by the end of disc 1.

That is, if you’re able to actually get the steal.

Where to steal: Gizamaluke in GIzamaluke’s Grotto.


6. Kaiser Knuckles

Kaiser Knuckles FFIX Steal

Bit of a jump here from early game to late, but this one’s really worth keeping in mind.

The Kaiser Knuckles are stolen from the Silver Dragon at the end of disc 3, but they are beyond worthwhile.

These Knuckles are some of the best you can expect on Amarant. And if you’re speedrunning the game, then I’d wager them as the best option for him.

Boasting Curse and Counter, Amarant’s skillset is bolstered with these sick knucks.

And the cherry on top is naturally the sheer fact that these things have 75 attack, meaning Amarant’s damage output will be comparable to Steiner’s with this weapon.

Where to steal: The Silver Dragon Pandemonium (about a 6% chance to steal)


5. Grand Armor

Grand Armor FFIX Screenshot

This is again hard to recommend, being that it’s stolen from Nova Dragon AKA Shinryu.

So you’re gonna be in pain by the time you retrieve it.

If you can bear it, however, you’re met with the best armor Freya (and arguably Steiner) will ever have access to.

Bearing a whopping 59 Defense, this armor also halves out Shadow elemental damage.

An even greater boon is that this armor has the Chemist and Restore HP abilities for each person.

Healing potential for your heavy hitters increases immensely with this armor.

Where to steal: Nova Dragon at the beginning of Disc 4.


4. Ultima Sword

Ultima Sword Steal in FF9

Speedrunners unite – because if your run didn’t make the cut for Excal II, this is probably the best gear for Steiner.

The Ultima Sword is just a plain good weapon.

Featuring 74 attack, this sword is really great for raw damage.

And more importantly, it teaches Stock Break.

You know, that skill Beatrix used to annihilate you with? Yeah, that’s yours now.

A nifty little bonus here is the sleep add status. Not really useful for bosses, but is amazing for random encounters and last-minute grinding.

Where to steal: Maliris in Memoria.


3. Genji Armor

Genji Armor in Final Fantasy IX

This armor is great because it’s stolen from Maliris, which is before you actually need it.

A rare change of pace for RPGs, really.

It boasts Antibody, and more importantly Body Temp (preventing heat & freeze) which is a must for Tiamat.

On top of that, 45 defense plus a slight boost to magic defense will go a long way for the endgame.

Steiner’s other options are the Grand Armor and the Tin Armor.

Between him and Freya, whoever you gave the Grand Armor to, this is the best option for the remaining person.

Where to steal: Maliris in Memoria.


2. Iron Helm

Iron Helm FFIX Steal

As we climb towards the top of the list we’re rewinding a bit here, because this one is actually a pretty huge deal.

Now, the Iron Helm for Steiner is straight-up necessary.

Due to the game’s tendency to shift perspectives so much earlier on, Steiner’s availability is kind of… not great.

This Helm grants the level up skill.

Having it as early as Ice Cavern serves to avoid a lot of the grinding needed to help Steiner catch up to the party in the later game.

It’s also useful for catching Freya back up, as she has the same issue.

Where to steal: The Plant Brain in Evil Forest


1. Mythril Dagger

Mythril Dagger Steal in FF9

Now, here’s the thing with this one:

The Mythril Dagger gives a hefty boost to your damage output until Lindblum.

More importantly, this guide is about good steals – so you’ll need this weapon to make the other steals less frustrating to obtain.

And this handy little dagger contains the bandit skill, which gives your odds of successful steals a massive boost.

Plus the Mythril Dagger is a 25% chance to steal, so the odds certainly aren’t terrible.

Where to steal: Ice Sealion in the Ice Cavern

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