Where To Find Abus in FFX (Location + Blitzball Stats)

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Abus can be found on Dock Number 3 in Luca, hanging out with his bros Bickson and Graav.

He’s a member of the Luca Goers, so you’ll have to wait until his contract lapses in order to nab him.

And he costs 120 gil per game to sign.


Who is Abus?

As a member of Bickson’s bully gang, Abus is a minor character that can be recruited onto your blitzball team.

Unfortunately, as it is most of the time with bully characters, he’s a lot more bark than bite.

Abus’ stats star decent-ish, but fail pretty badly when given the test of time.

Abus Blitzball Stats Screenshot / FFX HD

Abus’ Shoot (SH) and Endurance (EN) start out promising, both over 10 at level 1 (which is good). But these stats don’t really grow as he does.

At level 30 or so he starts to plateau, and by 40 it becomes evident that Abus wasn’t ever going to be anything but filler.

He does start with a few cool techniques, such as Venom and Volley shot, but that doesn’t save him from being terribly mediocre.

See, this is what you get for being a bully!

Abus Location Fullscreen in Luca / FFX HD

Is Abus Worth It?


Much like his besties Bickson and Graav, it’s easy to just walk on by and have no regrets.

His stats at low-level may seem kind of appealing, but they won’t go anywhere – much like his blitzball career.

Maybe his friends and him can put together a comedy troupe or something?

It just seems like none of them are really cut out for the b-ball life.

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