Where To Farm Accuracy Spheres in FFX

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The only way to farm Accuracy Spheres in Final Fantasy X is by fighting the Hornet in the Monster Arena. Granted there are two or three Accuracy Spheres in chests around Spira as well, but those are one-time only. So to get more, you’ll need to farm battles against the Hornet.

And the only way to unlock the Hornet in the Monster Arena is to capture 5 copies of every type of Wasp enemy in the game, which are:

– Bite Bug (Djose Highroad)
– Killer Bee (Kilika Woods)
– Nebiros (Calm Lands)
– Wasp (Macalania Woods)

Accuracy Spheres are used to turn empty nodes on the Sphere Grid into Accuracy +4.


How To Get Accuracy Spheres

The only monster in the whole wide world of Spira that drops Accuracy Spheres is the Hornet – and it drops them at the rate of one per victory.

Hornet has pretty high agility and luck, which means lower-level parties are going to have a tough time hitting it.

And when it hits you, you’re likely to be inflicted with sleep, silence, or darkness – which is bad.

Your best bet is to use either a Frag Grenade with Rikku, or Auron’s Banishing Blade to inflict Armor Break (other methods have too low a chance of working to be cost-effective).

Using Jinx on it to take away some of its luck is also helpful.

The Hornet is unlocked after capturing five of all Wasp species in Spira (there’s four species in total) located in the Djose Highroad, Kilika Woods, Calm Lands, and Macalania Woods.


Accuracy Spheres Uses

Accuracy Spheres don’t give you accuracy right away, they only turn an empty node into accuracy potential.

You’ll need Speed Spheres to activate the Accuracy +4 nodes you create.

In FFX, Accuracy dictates how easily a character can hit an enemy, and is pretty important when it comes to dealing with nimble foes, such as insects or wolves.

All the end-game superbosses have extremely high evasion – so accuracy is important there, too.

Rikku can even use Accuracy Spheres in some of her mixes.

Mega Mana (Ether + Accuracy Sphere) – Doubles the max MP of a single character.

Supernova (Dark Matter + Accuracy Sphere) – Deals massive damage to all enemies.

Nega Burst (Shadow Gem + Accuracy Sphere) – Cuts enemy’s HP down by ¾.


Are Accuracy Spheres Worth Farming?


Most characters have plenty of accuracy to get through the main story. And if you’re preparing for the superbosses, then skipping straight to farming for Luck is much better.

Luck affects accuracy at a might higher rate, as well as affecting each character’s critical hit rate.

Even the mixes you can get out of Accuracy Spheres are found with easier-to-obtain items.

That said, getting a few nodes to help you on the way to be able to farm for better stats won’t hurt.

And Hornet also drops fairly good weapons for stats & to sell for money, so you’ll still get rewarded for the grind.

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