Where To Get Al Bhed Potions in FFX (Locations + Uses)

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The easiest way to get Al Bhed Potions is to simply buy them from Rin after you gain control of the Airship. Rin sells these potions for 1,000 gil each.

But if you’re in need of ABPs before that point in the game, then every fiend on Bikanel Island has Al Bhed Potions as their common drop.

Alternatively, if you’re between Bikanel and the Airship in the story, you can bribe Al Bhed Potions from two fiends:

  • Mech Defenders (Mt. Gagazet) offer x99 Al Bhed Potions for 220,000 Gil
  • Hunters (Cavern of Stolen Fayth) offer x60 Al Bhed Potions for 110,000 Gil

Bribing is the most expensive way to farm ABPs, but it’s also the most time-efficient (outside of simply buying them from Rin). That said, if you can rack up some quick Gil with Gillionaire then maybe bribing would be your best option.

Tip: Both of these same enemies (Mech Defenders and Hunters) also have Al Bhed Potions as common steals as well.

Rikku steals Al Bhed Potions x3 / FFX HD
Rikku stealing Al Bhed Potions from Mech Defender

What Are Al Bhed Potions Good For?


You’ll learn this the hard way as you progress through the story, as there’s a stretch of time when Yuna isn’t around, and you have to rely more on items to survive.

Al Bhed Potions restore 1,000 HP to the whole party, as well as removing Poison, Stone, and Silence. Pretty sweet, right?

Al Bhed Potions are useful for pretty much the entire game.

But even outside of battle, you might try using these as excellent ingredients for Rikku’s mix.

Their abundance and healing potency really makes for some useful concoctions, including a few notable examples like:

Ultra-Potion (Al Bhed Potion + Al Bhed Potion): Fully restores the party’s HP.

Hyper Vitality (Al Bhed Potion + Stamina Tonic): Doubles the party’s maximum HP as well as casts Cheer.

Panacea (Antidote + Al Bhed Potion): Cures all negative status ailments on the party.

Rin's shop inventory with Al Bhed Potions / FFX HD
Al Bhed Potions in Rin’s Shop for 1,000 Gil

Are Al Bhed Potions Worth Getting?

Of course!

They’re useful from the moment you start receiving them.

Not only do they heal a lot of HP, but they also cure some bad statuses.

They’re easy to obtain and are fantastic mix fodder for Rikku’s overdrive. Once you have a few different characters to learn “Use” in battle, they become even more useful.

Al Bhed Potions are absolutely worth the time and money to farm.

Rin's shop on the airship / FFX HD
Rin’s location on the airship
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