How To Obtain Anima in FFX (Unlock + Stats)

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Anima is an optional Aeon that can be obtained by returning to Baaj Temple after acquiring the Destruction Sphere treasures from all 6 Cloister of Trials.

Baaj Temple is actually the submerged ruins where Tidus found himself after he arrived in Spira at the beginning of the game.

Anima might also seem familiar to you, since this is the same Anima that Seymour likes to summon in battle.


Step-by-Step Unlock Guide

Rematch with Geosgaeno / FFX
Rematch with Geosgaeno
  1. Obtain the Destruction Sphere chests in all of the Cloister of Trials
  2. Board the airship and speak to Cid to access the NavMap
  3. Select the Search option and choose the coordinates X:11-16, Y:57-63 to unlock Baaj Temple
  4. Select Baaj Temple from the List section of the NavMap
  5. Geosgaeno, the same underwater creature from the beginning of the game will return. Defeat it to gain entrance to an underwater room.
  6. When you enter the room, you’ll find 6 statues that represent each of the temples you visit on Yuna’s pilgrimage including Zanarkand. A statue will light up after you use the Destruction Sphere in the corresponding temple.
  7. When all 6 statues have been activated, a cutscene will play and Anima will join your party

Anima’s Base Stats & Abilities

Anima's Fayth / FFX
Anima’s Fayth

Anima is one of the strongest Aeons in the game, second only to the Magus Sisters in terms of raw power. Here’s a quick look at her base stats and abilities when you first obtain her.


Base Stats

Stat Base Value
HP 1410
MP 45
Strength 33
Defense 26
Magic 22
Magic Defense 23
Agility 9
Luck 17
Evasion 20
Accuracy 11

Just like other Aeons, Anima’s stats will be scaled based on Yuna’s stats and how many battles she has participated in.


All Abilities

Anima Using Oblivion / FFX
Anima Using Oblivion
Ability Name Type
Pain Special Attack
Sleep Attack Skill
Silence Attack Skill
Dark Attack Skill
Sleep Buster Skill
Silence Buster Skill
Dark Buster Skill
Zombie Attack Skill
Fire Black Magic
Thunder Black Magic
Water Black Magic
Blizzard Black Magic
Fira Black Magic
Thundara Black Magic
Watera Black Magic
Blizzara Black Magic
Firaga Black Magic
Thundaga Black Magic
Waterga Black Magic
Blizzaga Black Magic
Bio Black Magic
Death Black Magic
Oblivion Overdrive

Pain will cause Instant Death to a target unless they are immune to it, just like in the encounter with Seymour at Macalania. If the target is immune to Instant Death, it will deal heavy damage instead.

Anima can learn new spells and abilities through the Aeon menu just like most other Aeons.



Anima Alongside Yuna / FFX
Anima Alongside Yuna

Though they don’t have any equipment, Aeons have auto-abilities that become active when they’re summoned to battle.

Auto-Ability Description
Piercing Inflict full damage on enemies with the “Armored” trait
Break Damage Limit Changes the maximum damage dealt per hit from 9,999 to 99,999
Sensor View enemy info during battle
Break HP Limit Allows maximum HP to go up to 99,999
Break MP Limit Allows maximum MP to go up to 9,999
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