How To Get Auda Guado in FFX (Location + Blitzball Stats)

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Auda Guado can be found just north of the Maester’s house in Guadosalam.

She’s a member of the Guado Glories, and you’ll need to wait until her contract with them lapses until you can scoop her up for the Besaid Aurochs.

She costs 120 gil per game and can be signed as soon as you arrive at Guadosalam.


Who is Auda Guado?

She’s a blitzball player, and she plays for – yep you guessed it – the Guado Glories.

If you can manage to poach her onto your team then you’ll get a very solid defender.

Auda Guado blitzball stats screen / FFX HD

Her Attack (AT), Pass (PA), and Block (BL) stats are all pretty darn good. And she starts off with a whole bunch of cool techniques, including Venom Pass, Wither Tackle, and the remarkably interesting Elite Defense.

Elite Defense is a technique that increases the sight range of a player by 30%, which means they can engage with opposing players much sooner.

This is a pretty sweet ability to have for defenders, since it lets them do their job that much more efficiently.

If you can, try to also have Auda learn the Brawler ability – it increases the chance of her participating in nearby scuffles by 60%.

And when you put together Brawler with Elite Defense, she can pretty much engage from anywhere on the field.

Auda Guado fullscreen location / FFX HD

Is Auda Guado Worth It?

Yes! Go for it.

She’s a great defender that has a lot of cool things going for her, including her cool abilities, stats, and speed.

Her price is on point too.

The only trouble with her is that you’ll have to wait until she’s no longer signed with the Glories. And if you’re new to blitzball (and just arrived at Guadosalam), it might take some time for that to happen.

She’s worth Auda trouble, though! I’ll show myself out, thanks.

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