How To Get Auto-Life in FFX (And Is It Worth It?)

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Auto-Life is a White Magic spell that, when cast on a party member, will revive them automatically should they be defeated. It brings them back with just 25% of their max HP, so be prepared to heal them too!

Auto-Life can be found in Yuna’s portion of the normal Sphere Grid, and is behind one level 4 lock and three level 2 locks.

On the Expert Grid, it’s not behind any locks, but instead it’s located all the way at the end of her path.

Meaning whichever Sphere Grid you choose, you’ll have to wait until a substantial portion of her pilgrimage is complete before you can access the spell.

Yuna casting Auto-Life / FFX HD

Auto-Life vs. Auto-Phoenix: Which is Better?

It’s important to note that these two things seem similar, but Auto-Life is a spell, while Auto-Phoenix is an auto-ability.

I know this can be confusing at first, so let’s break it down:

Auto-Phoenix is an armor ability that has a party member use a Phoenix Down as an instant reaction when another member gets KO’d. This happens automatically and can repeat forever as long as there’s still a living party member and Phoenix Downs in your inventory.

Auto-Life is a spell that you need to cast before it takes effect (so it’s not “automatic” until you cast it, and it’s not infinitely repeatable). This requires you to not only learn the spell, but you’ll also need to pay 97 MP per cast. And it has to be re-applied manually after it gets used.

Both Auto-life and Auto-Phoenix have their strengths, but ultimately Auto-Phoenix comes out on top for day-to-day use.

It can be customized onto anybody’s armor with x20 Mega Phoenixes, and will last as long as you have Phoenix Downs. It’s something you don’t even really ever have to think about – because it does most of the work for you.

Auto-Life requires MP and constant recasting, not to mention it has to be learned first.

Granted this spell does have a few niche uses, such as a few superbosses that love doing party-wipe 99,999 damage attacks, and without Auto-life you’re not coming back from that (ain’t nobody around after that attack to use a phoenix down).

Yuna using Auto-Life on Tidus / FFX HD
Yuna casting Auto-Life on Tidus

So is Auto-Life Worth It?

For a regular playthrough, trust me: stick with Auto-Phoenix.

But with that said, you should still progress through the Sphere Grid and learn Auto-life.

It’s still a really cool spell, even if it doesn’t have as much practical use except for very specific scenarios.

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