Where To Get Balgerda in FFX (Location + Blitzball Stats)

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Balgerda can be found all the way at the far end of the Number 3 Dock in Luca.

She’s a member of the Luca Goers, so you’ll have to wait for her contract to lapse before you can snap her up for the Aurochs.

She costs 110 gil per game to sign.


Who is Balgerda?

Balgerda, or Balg for short, is a Luca Goer hanging out with her teammate Doram at the end of a dock in Luca.

She seems to have kind of a spiny personality, so I can see why.

She’s just an okay blitzball player too.

Just a bit below “fine”.

Balgerda Blitzball stats screenshot / FFX HD

And like all the other Goers, Balg is good starting out, but quickly loses her luster.

Her stats aren’t amazing, but they are pretty well-balanced. So she can be stuck in any position on the team and fit in.

She even comes with a few notable abilities: Drain Tackle and Venom Pass 2.

And honestly, these abilities are her best asset.

Balgerda location in Luca screenshot / FFX HD

Is Balgerda Worth The Effort?

Like all the other members of the Luca Goers, no.

There’s some kind of magic curse on that team, as most of them diminish in stats as they level up – and Balg isn’t any different.

She’s cheap to hire, but it’s not worth waiting for her to be freed up.

There are lots of other (better) players even just in Luca, such as Wedge and Jumal, who are always available.

Sorry, Balg. Maybe go work on that bitter personality of yours.

May Yevon help you.

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