How To Get Berrik in FFX (Location + Blitzball Stats)

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Berrik can be found with the other Al Bhed Psyches on the airship, at the northern end of the main corridor (keeping going up from Rin).

Since he’s part of the Psyches, you’ll have to wait until his contract expires before you can recruit him.

He costs 30 gil per game and is available as soon as you get the airship.


Who is Berrik?

Berrik is the team leader of the Al Bhed Psyches – and deservedly so.

He has strong stats right out of the gate, except for Catch (CA).

As long as you don’t expect him to be a goalie, you’ll get great things out of him.

Berrik is a pretty wonderful jack-of-all-trades and can fit into pretty much any other role.

Berrik blitzball stats screenshot / FFX HD

His starting techniques are:

  • Nap Pass
  • Nap Tackle
  • Spin Ball

That last one is the most interesting: with Spin Ball, if the goalie blocks one of your shots, there’s an additional 70% chance that they’ll drop the ball.

That’s a large chance of a dropped ball returning to one of your players – so yeah, it’s very handy.

Berrik’s biggest drawback is that while he’s quite good at early-to-mid levels, he begins to start a plateau as he reaches the upper echelon.

This doesn’t make him bad at high levels.

But he’s more likely to be fairly standard when compared to others past level 80.

Berrik fullscreen screenshot location / FFX HD

Is Berrik Worth It?


Get him as soon as you can, he’s best when he’s fresh.

If you’re new to blitzball and looking for a strong start, Berrik will work beautifully.

If you’re an old hat and looking for somebody good to just get through Wakka’s reels and Celestial items then Barrik is for you.

However, if you’re looking to get a team to level 99 and make a career of it, then maybe study Berrik and really see if his high-level plateau will work for you.

Either way, you can’t really go wrong with this guy.

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