The Best Blitzball Goalies To Get in Final Fantasy X (Ranked)

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Ah yes, Spira’s favorite pastime.

With the world being torn apart by Sin and the threat of imminent death a common worry, you could be forgiven for thinking that the citizens of Spira had better things to care about.

Blitzball is the ultimate time sink in Final Fantasy X.

And with a multitude of recruitable players, each with their own unique pros & cons, it can be a pain to figure out the best players to pick up.

But if you’re looking for goalkeepers, I’ve got you covered. Here I’ll be ranking some of the best goalies you can recruit in FFX to turn the Besaid Aurochs into an all-conquering force to be reckoned with.


5. Kyou/Raudy

Kyou playing Blitzball in FFX

This is a tough one to decide on.

At level 99 there are only 2 points separating their Catch stat. And with Raudy the one that comes out on top, the purists will say he should be the 5th best.

On the other hand, what Kyou slightly lacks in Catch, he makes up for elsewhere. At level 99 he ends up with very high stats in Block and Pass, so there’s an element of versatility with him if you chose to deploy him elsewhere in your roster.

How to Recruit: Raudy will be at the Number 3 Dock in Luca and available when his contract with the Luca Goers expires. Kyou is a free agent and is located at Djose temple.


4. Zamzi Ronso

Zamzi Ronso as a Goalie in FFX

Zamzi starts the game as an active player of the Ronso Fangs.

He’s a very solid goalkeeper to recruit early in the game if you can. And at level 99 he has a Catch stat of 55.

Interestingly, he has the lowest Speed stat of any Blitzball player at level 99.

But this shouldn’t really affect you much, unless you start playing your goalie as a striker.

How to recruit: He’ll be standing at the Number 4 Dock in Luca, and available to recruit once his contract with the Ronso Fangs expires.


3. Nizarut

Nizarut as a goalie in FFX

Patience is definitely the key with Nizarut.

At lower levels his stats straight-up suck. However, with a little tender love and care (and lots of game experience) you can turn Nizarut into a literal brick wall.

From around level 50-60+ Nizarut gains a stat growth spurt, giving him a Catch stat of 60 at level 99.

If you have the time to spare then Nizarut becomes a solid investment. Definitely one for the Blitzball super fan.

How to Recruit: Nizarut will be in the Great Hall at Kilika Temple and available to recruit once his contract with the Kilika Beasts expires.


2. Wedge

Wedge Recruiting Location for Blitzball in FFX

Here’s one half of everyone’s favorite cameo double act.

And he appears in Final Fantasy X as a true jack of all trades when it comes to Blitzball.

At low levels, Wedge’s decent Shoot stat makes him desirable as an early game striker.

At mid levels, the slow development of his Shoot mixed with a boost in his Block and Attack makes him a strong candidate for defender.

And finally, at level 90+ Wedge blossoms into one of the best goalies in the game, with a total Catch stat of 62 once he reaches level 99.

How to recruit: Wedge is a free agent standing next to his buddy Biggs (a fellow Blitzball player) at the Luca Stadium Main Gate.


1. Nimrook

Nimrook Recruiting Location for Blitzball in FFX

If you’ve ever looked into your options with FFX’s Blitz players, then you’d know why Nimrook is the clear winner here.

Nimrook starts out strong and finishes even stronger, possessing a Catch stat of 67 at level 99.

He’s a great addition at any point in your Blitzball career, and a must-have for anyone with ambitions of turning the Aurochs into an unstoppable team.

Get him as soon as you can!

How to Recruit: Nimrook will be waiting in the Airship corridor and he’s available to recruit once his contract with the Al Bhed Psyches expires.

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