The Best Blitzball Prizes To Win in Final Fantasy X

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As sidequests go, Blitzball is definitely one of the beefiest in the franchise.

You could easily lose hours, even days of your life competing to be the best team in Spira. All that hard work could eventually pay off, however, since you have the potential to win some very nice prizes.

Among the goodies on offer are key items, abilities, and even overdrives.

In this article I’ll list the most worthwhile prizes you can get by playing Blitzball, and how to obtain them.

Just be warned that the majority of these items take a heck of a long time, a lot of luck, and the best players you can get your hands on.


5. Good Morning

“Good Morning!” is a Blitzball technique with a few very niche effects and outcomes.

At its core it has a 50% chance to increase a player’s stat(s) to 99 if that player is woken during a game.

The stats that increase to 99 would be dependent on how that player wakes up. Nap techniques will increase Attack and Pass, Venom techniques increase Pass and Catch, and Wither techniques increase Catch and Shoot.

Otherwise, it’ll increase a stat at random.

Typically, the techniques on offer as Blitzball prizes are generally ones that you can easily obtain during regular gameplay.

“Good Morning!” is a lot rarer to find. And although it offers very odd outcomes, if ever the stars align, it has the potential to really go in your favor.

For instance, a low level striker would have the potential to score a goal from absolutely anywhere.

A very niche technique and absolutely not necessary, but one you could have a lot of fun with.

How to obtain: Has a chance to appear as a top scorer prize for a tournament and league, as well as the 1st place prize for a tournament.


4. Aurochs Spirit

This is a shot technique that can only be used by Wakka.

It adds 10 to Wakka’s base Shoot stat, as well as the total sum of the Shoot stat of every OG Besaid Aurochs’ players currently in your team.

It also has a 30% chance to put the goalie to sleep if they touch the ball.

To get the full potential of this technique, it really helps to be a Besaid Aurochs purist.

If you’ve been rocking the original Aurochs team all through the game, then you have the potential to turn Wakka into a scoring machine.

How to obtain: Will appear as a 1st place tournament prize if Wakka is at least level 11 and the chance increases the higher the level he is. To actually learn it Wakka must have already learned all 3 of his key techniques.


3. Jecht Shot 2

Similar to Aurochs Spirit, Jecht Shot 2 is a shot technique exclusive to Tidus.

When used, it adds 10 to Tidus’ Shoot stat, eliminates 3 defenders (as opposed to 2 from Jecht Shot) and has the Invisible Shot effect.

Although the original Jecht Shot is pretty overpowered, Jecht Shot 2 ensures that Tidus pretty much never misses a shot ever again.

The reason I put this above Aurochs Spirit is that you don’t need the rest of the Aurochs team to power it up, and there’s more of a chance of you having Tidus in your team over Wakka.

If you have both, then the two techniques combined would create an extremely fearsome partnership.

How to obtain: Will appear as a 1st place tournament prize if Tidus is at least level 16, and the chance increases the higher level he is. To actually learn it Tidus must have already learned all 3 of his key techniques.


2. Attack Reels

Attack Reels is an overdrive used by Wakka.

Each slot carries an attack multiplier, and the total number of hits is determined by what slots you land on.

The maximum number of hits you can reach is 12.

Out of all the overdrives that Wakka has, this one is easily the most useful.

A Celestial Weapon-wielding Wakka using Attack Reels absolutely devastates enemies. And this could be one of the most powerful attacks in the whole game.

How to obtain: The easiest on the list – this appears as a 1st place prize for winning a tournament.


1. Jupiter Sigil

Now this is used to power up Wakka’s Celestial Weapon to its full potential.

As with all Sigils in FFX, it’s an absolute pain to get hold of.

It takes countless hours and a huge amount of Blitzball games to even get the thing to appear as a prize.

You’re really going to be testing your dedication to Blitzball (and your love for Wakka) if you decide to go for this.

How to obtain: Chance to appear as a 1st place League prize only when Wakka has already obtained Attack Reels, Status Reels & Aurochs Reels.

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