FFX: The Best Overdrive Modes For Each Character

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Limit breaks have been a series staple since Final Fantasy VI. They were given the iconic bar in Final Fantasy VII, and from that comes Final Fantasy X’s Overdrive.

Overdrive focuses on unique & powerful abilities that are born from the struggle of battle. They’re all interactive, like timing Tidus’ Swordplay skills or inputting Auron’s Bushido buttons. You now have to earn the damage you deal.

The other big difference between Overdrives and its predecessor is that in FFX, there are a variety of ways to fill the overdrive bar besides just taking damage.

Overdrives can be earned from dealing damage, defeating enemies, or even just by showing up for your turn.

And with such a long list of overdrive modes, it’s a good idea to fine-tune your guardian group with whatever best matches their roles.


Yuna – Comrade

Yuna in Belgemine battle / FFX HD

One could rightfully assume that Yuna would be most comfortable using the healer overdrive mode (which powers up her overdrive whenever she restores anyone’s HP).

That seems logical, seeing how much time she spends nursing the party.

And truth be told, the Healer mode for Yuna actually isn’t a bad idea.

However, if you break it down, the percentage of her time healing is actually fairly low. Having her overdrive get boosts from other party members taking damage is much more efficient, because that’s a constant occurrence.

This is what Comrade mode offers her.

Grand Summons are only a few enemy attacks away.


Tidus – Stoic

Tidus sword swing battle on Besaid Island

Stoic is the limit-break legacy setting, filling the overdrive bar when damage is received.

And since Tidus is usually a mainstay on the frontline, taking damage is going to happen a lot.

The more damage he takes, the more Stoic mode will reward him.

Not to mention, this overdrive mode comes with Tidus from the beginning. And it serves him very well for most (if not all) of the game.

It’s a nice bit of compensation for being such a good sport (and for all that other stuff).


Auron – Slayer

Auron killing a machina in FFX HD

Early on in the game it’s made clear very that Auron is good at one thing: defeating fiends.

He possesses real, raw power, as well as a series of tremendous swords.

He also possesses the ability to pierce through armored enemies. And more often than not, he can take them out in a single blow.

Slayer overdrive mode rewards this one-hit-one-kill mentality by building the bar with each enemy slain.

It’s easy to attain overdrive and again, simply by putting him in Slayer mode and letting him take the lead during all the random battles you face in your Spiran pilgrimage.

Plenty of time to memorize those buttons, too.


Kimahri – Victor

FFX HD Kimahri in battle

Let’s face it:

Kimahri has an identity issue.

Other party members have defined jobs in battle, but Kimahri very much takes up the ‘jack of all trades, master of none’ class (which can be typical of a blue mage).

As such, his time in battle might be limited. He’s often popping in to learn a new Ronso Rage, or maybe use an item or provide an occasional buff. Then he’s back out.

Because of this, it’s best to switch him to the Victor mode and swap him in just as the battle ends. This gives him a bit more appreciation in the form of an overdrive boost (which then gives him even more purpose in future battles).

And this in-and-out strategy can do him well even after he finds his purpose on the grid.


Rikku – Ally

Rikku and Tidus Cutscene in FFX HD

Rikku is fast.

She’s the fastest party member you have, and usually stays that way.

She’ll be getting quite a few more turns than her contemporaries too. Especially when hasted.

The ally overdrive mode gives her a boost every time she comes up to bat. It’s that simple.

Combine this with how ridiculously useful her overdrive is, along with the sheer number of how many mixes you can use in battle, and Rikku quickly shapes up to be one of the most valuable guardians in Yuna’s summoner squad.


Lulu – Warrior

Lulu battle by herself in Thunder Plains

The game tells you that Lulu is best against magically-inclined enemies, and that things like flans and floating elemental fiends evaporate against her spells.

While this is exceedingly true, Lulu is also effective against almost everything.

Her spells don’t really discriminate.

Warrior mode fills the overdrive bar every time she causes any damage, which happens a lot.

And her overdrive itself is almost a personification of this idea.


Wakka – Warrior

Wakka battle underwater in FFX HD

Maybe it’s because of his job as a professional blitzer, or his devotion to Yuna, but Wakka’s accuracy is top-tier.

You’ll be hard-pressed to see him miss outside of being blinded.

He’s also in the position to be able to hit distant enemies, as well as being one of three party members who can fight underwater.

All of his utility adds up to a lot of damage being done. And with the warrior overdrive mode, it also leads to an overdrive bar that’s always on the rise.

It’s like winning a trophy with every battle!

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