How To Get Bickson in FFX (Location + Blitzball Info)

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Bickson can be found in Luca, specifically at the Number 3 Dock.

And he’s available to recruit after the blitzball championship game that you play in the main story.

He costs 70 gil per game, and is only available after his contract with the Luca Goers expires (which might take a while).


Who is Bickson?

Bickson is one of the rare blitzball players that makes an appearance in the story, first showing up to taunt Yuna’s posse at Kilika Temple and popping up a few times after until the Blitzball championship.

He plays for the Luca Goers, the team that the Aurochs square off against.

And truth be told, Bickson is a fairly good blitzer.

Bickson Blitzball Stats Screenshot in FFX HD

With a fairly strong endurance (EN) and shoot (SH) stat, he’s a good fit in a forward position, weathering the opposing team to get the ball in the goal.

However, Bickson suffers from the common blitzball problem of “good early, bad later”.

As he increases in level, Bickson’s stats start to dwindle, and he becomes just about a liability to the team.

Even at level 99, none of his stats are over forty-five – which is truly unfortunate.

Bickson location fullview screenshot in FFX HD

Is Bickson Worth It?

Nah. Nope.

Aside from the awkward situation of having him on your team after all the stuff he and Yuna’s team has been through, his skills just aren’t enough to pay the bills.

It’s cool you can recruit him. But ultimately Bickson falls into the pile of blitzball players that just exist simply to increase the number of recruitable players in Spira.

There are much better players out there that are much easier to get, such as Wedge and/or Ropp.

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