FFX: All Blitzball Stats Explained

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While playing blitzball, you’ll see that each player has stats that affect how they perform. These stats will determine how well players can move, their defensive capabilities, and their offensive prowess.

Here’s a quick look at what each stat does before getting into more details:

Stat Description
HP Consumed for movement on the field and when using skills
SH Determines how well you shoot the ball & chances of scoring a goal
PA Determines how well you pass the ball
EN Decides how many tackles you can take before giving up possession of the ball
BL Rates how well you can disrupt shots and passes
AT Determines the effectiveness of your tackles
CA Determines how well goalkeepers can defend their team’s goal during a shot
SPD Rates how fast a player can move around the field

HP (Hit Points)

Venom Shot HP Cost / Final Fantasy X
Venom Shot HP Cost

This is your main resource for basically everything in blitzball. HP is used when moving around the arena and when using abilities.

A player’s HP will slowly be depleted as they move around while in possession of the ball. Abilities will each have a fixed HP cost for using them.

If a player’s HP reaches 0, their other stats will be halved. HP is slowly restored when moving around without the ball.

Everyone’s HP will be fully restored after halftime.


SH (Shoot)

Scoring a Goal in Blitzball / Final Fantasy X
Scoring a Goal in Blitzball

SH determines how well you can shoot the ball to try to score a goal. When you take a shot, your SH will slowly deplete as the ball travels towards the goal.

Once the ball reaches the goal, your remaining SH will be compared to the CA stat of the opposing team’s goalkeeper. The more SH you have left once the ball reaches the goal, the better chance you have of actually scoring.

Note: If you try to take a shot without breaking through defenders, your SH may be reduced by any opponents’ BL stat.


PA (Pass)

Blitzball Pass Animation / Final Fantasy X
Blitzball Pass Animation

The PA stat dictates how well you can pass the ball, and functions in a way similar to SH. Your PA will slowly deplete only when passing a ball as it traverses the field on its way to the receiving player.

If your PA reaches 0 before your teammate can catch the pass, the ball will be fumbled and both teams will have a chance at retrieving it. PA can also be reduced by the BL stat of opposing players, if you decide to pass the ball without breaking through defenders.

Your PA stat will only deplete temporarily while the ball is being passed. Once it makes contact, your PA stat will return to normal for the next pass.


EN (Endurance)

Breakthrough Options / Final Fantasy X
Breakthrough Options

While you have possession of the ball, defenders may try to tackle you for a chance at taking the blitzball for themselves. Your EN stat will determine how many of these attacks you can endure before the ball is wrestled away from you.

When breaking through defenders, your EN will be compared to their AT stat.

A defending player will gain possession of the ball if your EN is reduced to 0.


BL (Block)

Blitzball Block Attempt / Final Fantasy X
Blitzball Block Attempt

This is a defensive stat that dictates how well you can block shots and passes. Successfully blocking a shot or pass will reduce the corresponding stat by an amount around your BL.

Reducing your opponent’s SH or PA to 0 will let you intercept the ball, immediately gaining possession of it.


AT (Attack)

Blitzball Tackle Animation / Final Fantasy X
Blitzball Tackle Animation

When a player decides to break through a defender, they’ll try to endure a tackle from them.

Each defender’s AT stat will determine how effective their tackles will be.

AT will be compared to the opposing player’s EN (specifically whichever player has the ball).

And reducing EN to 0 will have you successfully take control of the blitzball. If a player still has EN after breaking through all defenders, they can choose to pass, shoot, or continue dribbling.


CA (Catch)

Goalkeeper Catching the Ball / Final Fantasy X
Goalkeeper Catching the Ball

CA is a stat that is used exclusively by goalkeepers.

When a blitzball player’s shot reaches the goal, their remaining SH is compared to the catcher’s CA stat.

If the goalie’s CA is higher than the remaining SH, the goalie will have a better chance at either catching or deflecting the ball.

If a shot is deflected, the ball will be considered loose and both teams have a chance at gaining possession. On the other hand, if the goalie catches the ball, he or she will automatically pass it to a teammate.


SPD (Speed)

Moving Around the Blitzball Field / Final Fantasy X
Moving Around the Blitzball Field

This stat dictates how fast a player can move around the field.

Having a higher SPD stat is pretty straightforward: it means that player can move much faster. This is valuable for offensive players who need to take the blitzball from their side of the field and get it to the opposing goal as fast as possible.

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