FFX: Brother Blitzball Guide (Location + Stats)

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Brother can be found on the bridge of the Airship, specifically towards the very front of the airship facing the windshield.

He’s available for recruitment after defeating the story boss at the Zanarkand Ruins (no spoilers).

Brother is also a free agent, meaning he’s not tied to any team when he’s first available.

He costs 210 gil per game to sign.


Who is Brother?

Brother (and that is his actual name) is Rikku’s brother, and one of the more prominent supporting characters in Final Fantasy X.

He’ll be around in the story from the very beginning, though you can only ask him onto your blitzball team after finishing up in the Zanarkand Ruins (there’s also a small window to recruit him right before heading to Bevelle for the first time).

While your mileage with Brother as a character may vary, his skills as a blitzer probably won’t.

He’s not bad – daresay, he’s surprisingly good!

Brother Blitzball Stats Screen / FFX HD

Brother’s good Pass (PA), Block (BL), and Shoot (SH) make him a good midfielder.

Although if you feel like testing him in other positions he probably won’t be bad there, either.

Brother is a blitzer that’s simple to recruit, has good stats, and is perfect for players that are starting their blitzball journey.

Or for players who are just looking for a good & quick pick-up to help get Wakka’s Overdrive and Celestial Weapon items.

Brother Blitzball Location on Airship / FFX HD

Is Brother Worth It?

Yes, but with an asterisk.

The tricky thing about Brother is that he becomes available for recruitment fairly late in the game.

If you hold out on starting your blitz team, then he’s great. But if you’ve already gone knee-deep into the game then the odds are you’ve already leveled up other players (who could be better) than brother.

That said, Brother isn’t bad by any stretch.

He’ll never really do you wrong, and he’s just about up there with Tidus as far as reliability goes.

I don’t think you’ll be disappointed with Brother in any way, should you slot him into your ranks with the Aurochs.

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