FFX: Our Favorite Celestial Weapons, All Ranked

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Each member of Yuna’s traveling party uses a unique weapon.

These include swords, claws, and even blitzballs. Everybody finds a distinct way to defend themselves in battle.

As such, each member also has a weapon that’s stronger than any other.

These Celestial Weapons are powerful, but they each require three things to fully power them up: you need the weapon itself, a crest, and a sigil. And they’re all worth getting.

But which weapons are better than others? What’s over what?

This can be tough to rank since they’re all so great, but let’s take a look at a bunch of factors to see which Celestials really come out on top.


7. Onion Knight (Lulu)

Onion Knight Celestial Weapon in FFX

The Onion Knight returns from Final Fantasy III as Lulu’s Celestial Weapon.

This cute little freelancer comes packed with Magic Booster and One MP Cost.

This gives Lulu a substantial gain in magic damage while reducing the otherwise inflated MP cost to a single point. Seriously, 1 MP!

It also makes her magic stronger when she’s closer to max MP.

The Onion Knight weapon itself is easy to find, hidden underwater at Baaj Temple.

Its associated Crest is simply sitting at the Farplane in Guadosalam, another easy pick-up.

But the Sigil is another story. You’ll have to head to the Thunder Plains and partake in the infamous lightning dodging minigame.

Suffer through dodging 200 bolts in a row with no hits, and you’ll be rewarded with the Sigil.

How much you enjoy evading lighting will determine exactly how much you want to get the Onion Knight. But it is definitely a kinda frustrating minigame, so it can’t take the top spot on this list.


6. Spirit Lance (Kimahri)

Spirit Lance Weapon in FFX

Kimahri’s Celestial Weapon, the Spirit Lance, is a feathery polearm that has Break Damage Limit, Triple Overdrive, Double AP, and Evade & Counter.

It also has two hidden functions: the first of which is that it ignores enemy defenses.

That makes it very useful against the many optional bosses that stockpile that particular stat.

The Spirit Lance’s second hidden feature is that the closer Kimahri is to his maximum hit points, the more damage it does.

Obtaining the Lance involves praying at Cactuar-adjacent Qactuar Stones throughout the Thunder Plains, then following a ghost to the weapon. It’s not a difficult task – and neither is collecting the weapon’s Saturn Crest, which is hidden behind one of the pillars at the entrance to Mt. Gagazet.

The weapon’s last piece, the Saturn Sigil, is found in the Macalania Woods. It’s a reward for clearing two butterfly-catching courses.

Nab as many of the blue boys as you can while avoiding the red ones, all while staying under time.

It sounds easy. But it’s a difficult task that will require pixel-perfect memorization and lots of patience to clear.

Once again, how much you like Kimahri will determine if you put yourself through the woods.


5. Godhand (Rikku)

Rikku's Godhand in FFX

Rikku’s Celestial Weapon is a Machina-inspired claw that encompasses the better part of her arm, and makes her that much more powerful.

The big sell for this is its Gillionaire ability, which doubles money earned after each battle – a very valuable skill indeed.

Finding the Godhand is as simple as knowing its name.

Speak it to the Airship’s coordinate input and you’ll be taken right to it.

After that, you find the crest in a Bikanel Desert whirlpool.

The Sigil is more involved (like most of these Sigils) requiring you to integrate yourself into Cactuar society, tracking down ten of the evasive cacti and beating them at Red Light, Green Light.

It’s a fun experience if you (a) are looking for Rikku’s best weapon, and/or (b) if you’d like to learn more about Cactuar culture.


4. World Champion (Wakka)

World Champion Ball for Wakka in FFX

Wakka’s celestial weapon is the World Champion (and it’s probably the closest he’ll ever get to the title).

This blitzball comes with Evade & Counter, which is perfect for somebody as agile as Wakka.

Evading damage also keeps his near top health, where this weapon is most powerful.

Everything required to create the World Champion is, of course, involved with blitzball.

Win some matches and the bartender in Luca will give you the weapon.

Win even more matches, enough to earn all of Wakka’s overdrive reels, and you’ll be able to earn the Sigil.

It’s a lot of blitzing. Basically 45 games at minimum, and if you’re unlucky, over 100.

The weapon’s Crest, however, is sitting easily in the Aurochs’ locker room like a forgotten set of keys.


3. Nirvana (Yuna)

Yun'a Nirvana Staff in FFX

Celestial in both name and appearance, Yuna’s Nirvana is a staff that matches the summoner in both form and function.

Its biggest selling point is the coveted One MP Cost, which allows Yuna to cast hundreds of spells per battle – and makes staying near max MP easier.

Getting the staff involves catching nine monsters. That’s it!

After you acquire all the Aeons in Spira, even the optional ones, a trip to Remiem Temple and some one-on-one summon dueling will earn you the weapon’s sigil.

After that, it’s a matter of heading back to Besaid to find the crest on the beach.

Yuna’s Celestial is one of the easier, if not the easiest, one to get – and the perfect start to the endgame journey.


2. The Masamune (Auron)

Masamune Celestial Weapon for Auron in FFX

Auron loves giant swords.

And the Masamune is the giant sword to end all giant swords.

Ostensibly big, the Masamune comes First Strike and Counterattack.

It’s a weapon that focuses on hitting first and hitting hard. Its power also increases as Auron’s HP lowers, making it a risky yet rewarding bit of gear.

To get this, you’ll notice an innocuous rusty sword near the Cavern of Stolen Fayth. If you take that to an equally innocuous statue at Mushroom Rock Road, it’ll reveal the location of the Masamune.

The Mars Crest is in the same area.

But getting the Sigil involves capturing a lot of monsters.

Specifically, you’ll need to get enough to unlock ten different unique creations. Then the Monster Arena proprietor will offer it to you as reward.


1. Caladbolg (Tidus)

Caladbolg Celestial Weapon for Tidus in FFX

The Caladbolg looks like what would happen if Tidus’ default weapon Brotherhood achieved a limit break.

The Caladbolg maintains its watery motif, while turning the glam and power up to eleven.

With abilities like Evade & Counter as well as Magic Counter, the Caladbolg is a weapon designed to deal damage at every turn, and meant to avoid taking too much damage at the same time.

This crest is at the bottom of the stairs behind Yunalesca’s stage and is an easy grab.

Both the sigil and the weapon itself, however, involves a high measure of frustration and dedication.

Find the Chocobo trainer in the Calm Lands and take her up on her offer.

What comes next in an infuriating course of racing chocobos against wayward birds and blitzballs, while trying to collect balloons. Each balloon you get reduces your time, with the goal being to reach the end with a time of 00:00 or less.

When you first play this game it sounds like a joke right?

But if you suffer through it, you get the Sigil.

And the weapon itself is on the north side of the Calm Lands, accessible only after setting the record. Good luck on this one!

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