FFX Chocobo Wing Farming (Best Methods + Uses)

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The best way to farm Chocobo Wings is to bribe Machea fiends, which are located in the Omega Ruins. For a bribe of 360,000 gil you get x60 Chocobo Wings. This is absolutely the quickest way to accumulate wings.

But one neat trick is that you can offer Machea only 180,000 gil to get x30 wings (if it doesn’t take that bribe right away, then keep bribing with an extra 1 gil each turn until it does).

This is useful if you don’t need the whole collection of sixty wings, or if you’re low on funds.

TIP: capturing one Machea fiend from the Omega Ruins and fighting it repeatedly at the Monster Arena makes farming Wings less arduous.

Alternatively you can also steal Chocobo Wings from the Cactuar King at the Monster Arena. You’ll get x2 Chocobo Wings per steal, and these are its common steal item (~80% chance). So you can swipe the wings, Flee, and then repeat until you have what you need.

Then as a bonus, you get x99 Chocobo Wings for free just for unlocking the Cactuar King. So the unlock reward might be worthwhile in its own right.

Cactuar King will be unlocked after you capture one of every fiend from the Thunder Plains. The fiends you’ll need are:

  • Melusine
  • Aerouge
  • Buer
  • Gold Element
  • Kusiraqqu
  • Larva
  • Iron Giant
  • Quactuar
Cactuar King close-up / FFX HD
Cactuar King in Monster Arena

What Are Chocobo Wings Used For?

When used with the ‘Use’ command in battle, a Chocobo Wing will cast Haste on the entire party.

That’s already pretty cool, especially if you’re low on MP and cant’ cast Hastega.

But their true power comes from using them to customize Auto-Haste onto a piece of armor. Auto-Haste is one of the most important abilities in the game, and it’s a must-have on any endgame ultimate armor.

You can also give some Chocobo Wings to an Aeon to teach them Hastega.

  • Auto-Haste requires x80 Chocobo Wings to customize
  • Hastega (Aeon) requires x16 Chocobo Wings

On top of all that, Rikku can also toss some Chocobo Wings into her mix Overdrive for some cool results, with some of the better results being:

Hyper Mighty G (Door to Tomorrow + Chocobo Wing): Casts Haste, Protect, Shell, Regen, and Auto-Life onto the whole party.

Final Phoenix (Mega Phoenix + Chocobo Wing): Revives all KO’d party members to full HP.

Mega Mana (Ether + Chocobo Wing): Doubles the max MP of the party.

Machea fiends in the Omega Ruins / FFX HD
Machea fiends in the Omega Ruins

Are Chocobo Wings Worth Farming?


Auto-Haste is pretty much required for endgame content. And it’s an amazing ability anyways, no matter how far you are into the game.

Any discussion about which abilities to put on a character’s “Ultimate Armor” should always include Auto-Haste. I mean, come on — it’s a haste that applies automatically and can’t be removed.

It’s something that’s too good to be true, and yet here it is!

Then even aside from Auto-Haste, just having a few Wings around for Mixing and casting Haste on a whim is super nice.

It’s a little expensive and time consuming to get all the Wings you’ll need. But in the end it’s worth it, believe me.

Plus if you can get Gillionaire onto just one party member’s weapon, then you can farm gil like there’s no tomorrow. And then you’ll be up to your eyeballs in Chocobo Wings.

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