Deim FFX Blitzball Guide (Location + Stats)

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Deim is a blitzball player for the Kilika Beasts. She can be found in the Great Hall of the Kilika Temple and she costs 90 per game.

She can be recruited as soon as you can play blitzball from save points – but keep in mind you’ll have to wait until her contract with the Beasts expires.


Who is Deim?

She’s… well, she is.

She’s pretty bland, huh?

Deim is a blitzball player and a member of the Kilika Beasts. Her stats are fine, with her Attack (AT) and Pass (PA) being her standout numbers.

This makes her best suited for defending.

Deim blitzball stats screen / FFX HD

But she does have a pretty major flaw, though: she has no longevity.

Early on, Deim is rather good at what she does.

But as she grows in level, her value as a player goes down.

From her starting level up to about level fifty, she’s decent. But beyond that she falls pretty hard and becomes overshadowed by most other players.

There’s really not much else to say about her.

Carpe diem, Deim!

Had to be said.

Deim fullscreen location in Kilika Temple / FFX HD

Is Deim Worth It?


She’s one of those blitzball players that seem to exist solely to offer you another generic recruitable player.

Her stats are bland and don’t really go anywhere.

She’s accessible and affordable, but that’s about where her positives stop.

Sorry, Deim, but we’ll just let you stay with your friends on the Beasts.

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