FFX Designer Wallets: Uses & Where To Get Them

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Designer Wallets in Final Fantasy X are a customization item that adds the Gillionaire auto-ability to a weapon, which doubles the amount of the gil earned after every battle.

The fastest way to stack these is by stealing from either the Cactuar King or the Don Tonberry, both Area Conquest fiends in the Monster Arena.

You’ll need 30 of the posh purses for each Gillionaire ability you customize.


Where To Get Designer Wallets

The most reliable way to obtain them is to steal from the Cactuar King or Don Tonberry in the Monster Arena.

It’s a rare swipe, so having a weapon with Master Thief on it will speed up your farming considerably.

Cactuar King is unlocked by collecting one of every monster from the Thunder Plains.

Don Tonberry is unlocked by capturing everything in the Cavern of Stolen Fayth.

Which one of these tasks is easier is up to you, though the Thunder Plains is a lot less scary to those beginning their endgame journey due to the lower levels of its fiends.

You can also get a single Designer Wallet every time you defeat Catastrophe in the Monster Arena.

Bribing Defender Z enemies in the Zanarkand Ruins or Omega Ruins with 860,000 gil earns you five Designer Wallets too, but that might be too cost-prohibitive and ultimately not worth it.

So plundering Cactuar King and Don Tonberry is your best bet.

Customizing Gillionaire onto Wakka's weapon in FFX HD

Designer Wallet Uses

Gillionaire is the only use that Designer Wallets have when it comes to customization, though don’t underestimate how useful that ability actually is.

Defeating Mimics in the Omega Ruins with Gillionaire earns you 100,000 gil per fight, and is one of the most reliable ways to earn money, since you encounter the fake chests so often.

Simply having the ability on a character as you explore Spira means doubling your income passively.

And you’d be surprised how much extra money that ends up being.

The other use for Designer Wallets is in Rikku’s limit break, Mix.

With it, she can create a few great mixes, such as:

Mega Vitality – Doubles the party’s max HP (mix details)

Hero Drink – Characters always deal critical hits (mix details)

Freedom X – Reduces ability MP cost to zero (mix details)

Adding a Designer Wallet to create any of these mixes will always end with a very favorable result.


Are Designer Wallets Worth Farming?

Designer Wallets may not have as many uses as some of the other endgame customizing items.

But what they can provide is certainly super useful.

Of course, if you’re looking for Gillionaire without the Wallets, Rikku’s Godhand weapon comes with it naturally (though Designer Wallets allow other characters to have the ability as well, which is helpful if you don’t particularly like Rikku).

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