FFX Distill Power: What It Does & How To Get It

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Distill Power is an ability in FFX that can be customized onto weapons. When a character attacks with a weapon that has Distill Power on it, the enemy that gets hit will drop Power Spheres instead of whatever sphere it usually drops.

This can come in handy when you’re farming Power Spheres for your Sphere Grid or for customizing other weapons. To add Distill Power to a weapon, you’ll need to use up 2 Power Spheres in the Customize menu.

The Customize feature is unlocked shortly after arriving in Guadosalam for the first time. Keep in mind that a weapon’s name may change after adding Distill Power to it.


Where To Get Power Spheres

The Mushussu in Sanubia / Final Fantasy X
The Mushussu in Sanubia

There are several different enemies in FFX that drop Power Spheres. You’ll normally have more than enough during the first half of the game, but you can suddenly find yourself in need of more once you start customizing gear and Aeon abilities.

Here’s a list of enemies that drop Power Spheres naturally:

Enemy Name Location
Achelous Mt. Gagazet Cave
Adamantoise Inside Sin, Omega Ruins
Anaconduar Mt. Gagazet Cave, Mt. Gagazet Path
Bandersnatch Thunder Plains
Barbatos Inside Sin
Bashura Mt. Gagazet Cave, Mt. Gagazet Path, Zanarkand Ruins
Behemoth Mt. Gagazet Cave, Zanarkand Ruins
Behemoth King Inside Sin
Bomb Bevelle, Home, Mi’ihen Highroad
Bunyip Djose Highroad, Moonflow
Cave Iguion Bevelle, Via Purifico
Defender Cavern of the Stolen Fayth
Dingo Besaid
Dinonix Kilika
Garm Djose Highroad, Moonflow
Garuda Luca
Gemini Inside Sin, Omega Ruins
Grenade Mt. Gagazet Path
Halma Omega Ruins
Iguion Macalania Woods
Ipiria Mushroom Rock Road
Iron Giant Thunder Plains
Kusariqqu Thunder Plains
Lamashtu Djose Highroad, Mushroom Rock Road
Land Worm Inside Sin
Mafdet Lake Macalania
Master Tonberry Omega Ruins
Melusine Thunder Plains
Mi’ihen Fang Mi’ihen Highroad
Murussu Macalania Woods
Mushussu Sanubia Desert
Nidhogg Mt. Gagazet Cave, Mt. Gagazet Path
Ochu Moonflow
Ogre Calm Lands
Phlegyas Via Purifico
Piranha Besaid, Salvage Ship
Raldo Mi’ihen Highroad
Raptor Djose Highroad, Mushroom Rock Road
Sahagin Baaj Temple, Via Purifico
Sahagin Chief Luca
Sand Wolf Sanubia Desert
Sinspawn Geneaux Kilika (Boss Fight)
Skoll Calm Lands
Snow Wolf Lake Macalania
Splasher Mt. Gagazet Cave
Tonberry Cavern of the Stolen Fayth
Tros Salvage Ship (Boss Fight)
Wendigo Lake Macalania (Boss Fight)
Yowie Cavern of the Stolen Fayth
Zu Sanubia Desert

Other enemies may drop Power Spheres through the use of Power Distillers or abilities like Bribe.


Using Distill Power

Distill Power on the Customize Menu / Final Fantasy X
Distill Power on the Customize Menu

To use the Distill Power ability, simply equip the weapon that has it and hit an enemy with a basic attack or skill. You’ll know that an enemy has already been hit with Distill Power when it has the Power Distiller effect on it.

This has the same effect as using the Power Distiller item or the Extract Power skill from Auron’s section of the Sphere Grid.

Keep in mind that the effects from these items and abilities do not stack.

Using another type of Distill ability (Speed, Mana, Ability) will not stack. Instead, only the last Distill ability the enemy was hit with will take effect.

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