FFX Doublecast: How It Works & Is It Worth Using?

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Doublecast allows a character to cast two Black Magic spells in one turn. Since it’s basically doubling the damage output of Black Magic users, it is definitely worth learning and using once you gain access to it.

And this ability does work with One MP Cost, so you can deal some pretty strong damage with the right weapon abilities.

Command Special
Effect Cast 2 Black Magic Spells
Target One or all enemies depending on which spells are chosen
Sphere Grid Section Lulu
Sphere Ability

How Does Doublecast Work?

Selecting Doublecast in Battle / FFX
Selecting Doublecast in Battle

When Doublecast is learned, you can find it under the “Special” command in battle. After choosing Doublecast, you will then be prompted to select two Black Magic spells to cast.

The selected spells will be cast as they normally would, the only difference being two of them will be fired off in the same turn. Effects from auto-abilities like One MP Cost, Half MP Cost, and Magic Booster will also be applied when using Doublecast.

When a character uses Doublecast, you can only choose from spells that particular character has learned. You can choose to cast two different spells or the same one twice.


Unlocking Doublecast

Doublecast on the Sphere Grid / FFX
Doublecast on the Sphere Grid

Doublecast is found in Lulu’s section of the Sphere Grid, and is learned by using an Ability Sphere. To get to it, you’ll need to use a few Lv. 3 and Lv. 4 Key Spheres.

Though anyone can learn Doublecast, Lulu is still the one who will get the most out of it, especially if you have her equipped with a fully upgraded Onion Knight.

This is Lulu’s Celestial Weapon, and it has 3 auto-abilities that help improve her Black Magic:

  • Break Damage Limit
  • One MP Cost
  • Magic Booster
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