Where To Get More Elixirs in FFX (Farming Guide)

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The best way to farm Elixirs is by bribing YKT-11 enemies found in the Zanarkand Ruins. A bribe of 155,000 gil will buy you x12 Elixirs. And considering how useful these items are, that’s a surprisingly good bargain.

You can also find elixirs all over Spira in chests and as some rare boss drops, but these are all one-time rewards that you can’t repeat.

You can also technically bribe Yenke Ronso 84,000 Gil to get x8 Elixirs, but this is a one-time fight and not repeatable.

Note: you cannot buy Elixirs anywhere in FFX. And there are no repeatable methods to steal Elixirs, or to get them as drops from battle. The only way to actually farm Elixirs is through bribes.

So ultimately your best (and only) option for getting unlimited Elixirs is to roam the Zanarkand Ruins bribing YKT-11 machina enemies.

And if you want to max out your inventory with x99 Elixirs then you’ll need to bribe around ~8-9 total YKT-11 enemies (totaling around 1.2-1.4 million Gil).

Tip: if you want to stack Gil fast then have a look at our guide on the Gillionaire ability. Defeating Mimics inside the Omega Ruins will net you 100,000 Gil per fight if one party member has the Gillionaire ability on their weapon.

YKT-11 Enemies / FFX HD
YKT-11 Machina enemies

What Are Elixirs Used For?

Healing, mostly.

An elixir restores one character to full HP and MP, and I don’t really have to explain further why that’s handy.

But should you desire to customize some things, you can also use elixirs to customize HP+20% and MP+20% onto your armor. Plus, Aeons can also use them to learn the Life spell.

  • HP +20% and MP +20% each require x5 elixirs to customize
  • Life (Aeon) requires eight elixirs

Rikku can also throw elixirs into her mixes.

Some of the better outcomes include:

Super Elixir (Musk + Elixir): Fully restores the party’s HP and MP as well as curing all negative status effects.

Megalixir (Elixir + Elixir): Fully restores the party’s HP and MP.

Final Elixir (Blessed Gem + Elixir): Full restores the party’s HP and MP, cures all negative status effects, and fully revives KO’d members.

Elixir drops from bribing / FFX HD
Bribe Elixir drop after battle

Are Elixirs Worth Farming?

Of course!

155,000 gil may seem like a lot, but Elixirs are one of those items that can make or break your journey.

They’re one of the quintessential emergency healing items, famous throughout the entire series for how powerful they are.

What you’re doing is spending a few hundred thousand gil for peace of mind – and that’s totally worth it.

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