FFX: The Best Enemies To Steal From In The Game

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I’m not here to judge. If you want to be a conniving thief in Spira, that’s fine.

At least you’ll be stealing from enemies who want to steal the gleam from your eyes, so that’s a little better.

In FFX, the probability of stealing is fixed. The first grab has a 100% chance, the second 50%, the third 25%, and so on. You can steal endlessly, but it’s a life that doesn’t pay off. Nor the odds.

Also, every fiend has a common and a rare item. The odds are 75/25 respectively. The skill Pickpocket evens the odds to 50/50, and Master Thief makes it so that you only steal rare items. So that’s handy for sure!

But which enemies are worth stealing from? Let’s take a look, ranking in order of appearance as you play through the story.


5. Basilisk – Djose Highroad

Basilisk – Djose Highroad FFX Enemy

You can steal Petrify Grenade from basilisks. Stealing 1 is common, and stealing 2 is rare.

If you’re able to steal 10, then you can synthesize Stonetouch onto some of your weapons.

And if you’re really inspired, you can steal 60 and formulate Stonestrike (basically a better form of the same weapon ability).

Or if you fancy some better defensive equipment, 20 Petrify Grenades can synthesize Stoneproof on armor.

And of course, you can always throw some grenades at your enemies too.

So yeah, somewhere around Djose is a good time to stop and smell the roses for a bit.


4. Biran and Yenke Ronso – Mt. Gagazet

Biran and Yenke Ronso - Mt. Gagazet Enemy in FF10

Keep in mind that Kimahri must have emerged as the bad-lionboy and learned Steal to appreciate this robbery.

It’s actually pretty doable by this point in the game. It just requires actually playing with Kimahri in battle…

And if you level him up enough, you can finally kick Fanboy and Chum Chum’s asses in a story fight.

But before you do that, grease Kimahri’s furry hands and steal their allowances to teach them some manners.

The common steal here is just one Lv. 3 Key Sphere, and the rare steal is two Lv. 3 Key Spheres.

You can steal 4 in total from both before making the probability similar to winning the Powerball.

And if do manage to get some Lv. 3 Key Spheres here, then Kimahri can learn Holy way before Yuna does. But there’s lots of other ways to use these level 3 keys, so they’re great to have.


3. Fallen Monks – Ruins of Zanarkand

Fallen Monks - Ruins of Zanarkand FFX Screenshot

The once-living Monks carry Purifying Salt.

And you can rare steal it from them.

This item damages an enemy and casts Dispel, so it’s pretty good to have.

But if you mix and mash 30 of them, you can synthesize No Encounter on your armor. That’s even better to have!

In the beginning this might not be very beneficial – unless you’re a Speedrunner.

But if you plan to 100% the game, avoiding random encounters will keep you from losing your mind. So it’s great to try getting this earlier than later.


2. Mimic – Omega Ruins

Mimic - Omega Ruins in Final Fantasy X

In the Omega Ruins you’ll battle with a chest named ??? (I think his parents forgot to register a birth certificate).

If you attack it, you destroy it, and maybe get an item.

But if you use Steal and a “Nothing to Steal” text box pops, a Mimic will spawn.

They’re quite nasty.

But if you manage to kill them, you’ll net 50k gil!

Double it up with Gillionaire, put on your best makeup, and wait for Forbes to call you about their new cover.


1. Ultima Weapon – Omega Ruins

Ultima Weapon - Omega Ruins FFX Enemy

Ultima Weapon is a boss in the Omega Ruins, and it’s not a fun boss.

But you can steal 10 or 20 Door to Tomorrows from it.

Why would you risk your life for some kind of door? Good question.

You absolutely want some Door of Tomorrow before you go on a huge grinding spree, since you can synthesize these items into the Overdrive -> AP skill.

With this on your weapons, all charges for every character’s Overdrive will be converted into AP. So you’ll be maxing out that sphere grid in no time.

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