FFX Entrust: How It Works & Is It Worth Using?

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Entrust is an ability that allows a character to transfer any Overdrive meter they currently have over to an ally. You could develop strategies for certain bosses with Entrust, so it is definitely worth using in the right situation where a party member’s overdrive would be relevant.

Additionally, you can speed up the process of unlocking Tidus’s Overdrives through Entrust.

Entrust Details
Command Special
Effect Transfer Overdrive gauge to ally
Target Single Ally
Sphere Grid Section Auron
Sphere Needed Ability Sphere

How Does Entrust Work?

Tidus Using Energy Rain / Final Fantasy X
Tidus Using Energy Rain

When a character uses Entrust, all of the Overdrive gauge they’ve accumulated will be depleted and given to another party member. The amount transferred will be added to any Overdrive gauge the target ally currently has.

For example:

Say that Auron has half of his gauge filled, and plans to use Entrust on Wakka, who also has half of his Overdrive. After Entrust is used, Wakka will have a full gauge and his Overdrive will be ready to go.

Keep in mind that the character using Entrust will always have their gauge fully depleted, so any excess meter transferred will be lost.

A common offensive strategy is to use Entrust on characters that have hard-hitting Overdrives with multiple strikes, like Tidus’s Blitz Ace or Wakka’s Attack Reels. After using Attack Reels on an enemy, an ally with a full Overdrive gauge can use Entrust on Wakka right away and he can unleash another barrage of blitzballs immediately on his next turn.


Unlocking Entrust

Entrust on the Sphere Grid / Final Fantasy X
Entrust on the Sphere Grid

Any character can learn Entrust on the Sphere Grid with an Ability Sphere. It’s found on Auron’s section of the grid.

Once a character learns Entrust, another party member can learn it immediately with a Special Sphere. This type of sphere is rare to come by, but Entrust is one of the few abilities that’s worth using it on.

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