FFX Evade & Counter: How To Customize + Is It Worth It?

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You can customize Evade and Counter on a weapon by using x1 Teleport Sphere.

And the best way to get Teleport Spheres is by farming Sleep Sprout at the Monster Arena. It offers x1 sphere as a common drop (above 80% chance) and the monster isn’t too hard to beat.


Farming Teleport Spheres

Sleep Sprout will be unlocked at the Monster Arena after you capture five copies of every fungus-type fiend on Spira. There are only three different types of these fiends, but you’ll need to catch each of them five times:

  • Funguar (Mushroom Rock Road)
  • Thorn (Cavern of the Stolen Fayth)
  • Exoray (Sin Interior)

Sleep Sprout likes to start its fight with an ambush that leads to its signature Goodnight attack, which inflicts poison and berserk. If you’re looking to defeat the big bulb then you gotta make sure you have protection (at least against berserk), or else you’ll have no control over the party.

Sleep Sprout is also weak to fire (as you’d expect).

It also has a zero evasion, so all physical attacks will always land.

If you use both of these weaknesses to your advantage you can easily uproot the giant growth.

Note: If you have extra Gil and want to bribe for your Teleport Spheres, then there’s only one option for that in the whole game: Barbatos fiends in Sin can be bribed for 1,900,000 Gil, and they’ll give you x20 Teleport Spheres in return.

Sleep Sprout Fiend close-up screenshot / FFX HD
Sleep Sprout in the Monster Arena

What is Evade & Counter?

As the name suggests, Evade and Counter is a weapon ability that increases evasion against physical attacks, as well as provides an automatic counterattack.

You’ll give enemies the ol’ one-two: they’ll miss you with their swings, and you give it right back to them.

It’s fairly satisfying.

Even if the enemy does hit you (and it happens, the evade isn’t perfect), the counterattack will still always occur.

Unfortunately, the best ways to farm Teleport Spheres to customize this ability all require getting to the final dungeon. So the biggest downside is simply that to get this manually added onto a weapon of your choice, it’ll take you pretty much into the endgame.

Kimahri doing Evade & Counter in FFX HD

Is Evade & Counter Worth It?


It’s easy to customize and a lot of fun.

It’s also super helpful, and only gets more helpful as your evade stat gets higher and higher.

Keep in mind that Tidus, Wakka, and Kimahri’s Celestial Weapons have this ability customized onto them already. So focusing on both Auron and Rikku is smarter here (their Celestial weapons don’t have this auto-ability).

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