FFX Evasion Spheres: Locations, Uses & Farming Spots

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The only way to farm Evasion Spheres is by defeating Pteryx in the Monster Arena. This enemy will unlock once you’ve captured 5 copies of every bird-type fiend in Spira.

There are only three bird-type fiends you need to capture, but remember you need x5 copies of each bird to unlock Pteryx. The fiends are:

– Alcyone (Bikanel Desert)
– Condor (Besaid)
– Simurgh (Djose Highroad)

Aside from the single Evasion Sphere you’ll find in Besaid Temple, Pteryx is the only way to get more of these spheres.


Evasion Sphere Uses

Evasion Spheres are used to change an empty node on the Sphere Grid into an Evasion +4 node.

You’ll also need two other spheres:

One to clear a node into an empty space (Clear Spheres) and then another sphere to activate the Evasion +4 once you’ve created it (Speed Spheres).

This is largely the biggest purpose of farming Evasion Spheres in the game.

But Rikku can also use them in many of her mixes, including the following:

FreedomX (Three Stars + Evasion Sphere): Reduces all MP costs for the party to zero for the current battle.

Nega Burst (Shadow Gem + Evasion Sphere): Reduces all enemy HP by three-fourths.

Super Mighty G (Light Curtain + Evasion Sphere): Applies Haste, Shell, Protect, and Regen to the party.


Are Evasion Spheres Worth Farming?

Honestly, no. Not really.

Of all the stats in FFX, Evasion is the least important.

Everything you get from Evasion can also come from two other stats: Luck and Agility. And they do it much, much better.

If you’re just getting into endgame then a few extra points won’t hurt, and farming Pteryx also gets you some good pre-customized weapons for gil.

If you’re just out to beat the game, Evasion isn’t something you ever have to worry about.

And if you’re here for the long haul including all the superbosses, then your time is better spent farming Luck Spheres and Fortune Spheres.

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