FFX Farplane Shadow: Where To Farm & How To Use

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The best way to farm Farplane Shadows is to steal them from Espada, which yields x4 Shadows per encounter.

You can also steal one from Wraith enemies.

These are the only two fiends that have Farplane Shadows as their common steals, and Espada is the only fiend that has more than one to steal at a time.

Wraiths can be found haunting the Omega Ruins, if you’re willing to chase them down for some steals.

Espada is unlocked at the Monster Arena after capturing one of every fiend in the Macalania Woods. There are 10 in total:

  • Snow Wolf
  • Iguion
  • Wasp
  • Evil Eye
  • Ice Flan
  • Blue Element
  • Murussu
  • Mafdet
  • Xiphos
  • Chimera

What Are Farplane Shadows Used For?

Farplane Shadows can be used to cast Death on a single enemy in battle.

They can also be used to customize Deathward on armor, and Death Touch on weapons. Here’s how these work:

  • Deathward sometimes protects against instant death attacks
  • Death Touch sometimes instantly defeats an enemy with a single attack

Also, these Farplane Shadows can teach any Aeon the Death spell.

  • Deathward requires x15 Farplane Shadows
  • Death Touch requires x30 Farplane Shadows
  • Death (Aeons) require x30 Farplane Shadows

Rikku can also use these Shadows to mix things up with her overdrive.

There’s a lot you can make, but here’s a few of the cooler results:

Abaddon Wind (Bomb Core + Farplane Shadow): Deals large fire damage to all enemies and applies various status effects.

Megalixir (Antidote + Farplane Shadow): Recover party’s HP and MP to full. And makes you happy.

Final Phoenix (Mega Phoenix + Farplane Shadow): Revives all KO’d party members to full HP.

Rikku stealing Farplane Shadow from Espada FFX HD

Are Farplane Shadows Worth Farming?

It’s helpful to have a few around.

They aren’t too hard to get, especially if you’re doing the Monster Arena stuff anyway, and their uses in Mixes are alone worth it.

The Death resistance is good enough – and a much easier (and better) alternative to the more troublesome-to-obtain Farplane Winds.

I’d say get a few dozen and you’ll be pretty set.

I can’t see much use for more than that unless you’re really into 100% completion.

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