FFX Farplane Wind: Where To Farm & How To Use

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The fastest (and cheapest) way to farm Farplane Winds is by stealing from Coeurlregina in the Monster Arena.

You’ll get two Winds per steal with a 75% chance of getting them (common steal item).

This is the most reliable & quick way to accumulate this item, especially if you use Flee after stealing to reset the battle quickly.

It’s worth mentioning that when you unlock Chimerageist at the Monster Arena, you get 60 Farplane Winds – but this is a one-time thing.

And Don Tonberry has x3 as a common drop, though he’s a tough cookie.

But if you have a ton of gil, you can also bribe Wraiths with 560,000 gil for x60 Farplane Winds. These can be found both in the Omega Ruins and the Final Dungeon.

If you’d prefer the Coeurlregina farming method, it’s unlocked after capturing all the fiends on Mushroom Rock Road. There are seven in total:

  • Raptor
  • Gandarewa
  • Thunder Flan
  • Red Element
  • Lamashtu
  • Funguar
  • Garuda

Or to unlock Chimerageist then you’ll need to capture one of every monster from the Calm Lands. There are nine in total:

  • Skoll
  • Nebiros
  • Flame Flan
  • Shred
  • Anacondaur
  • Ogre
  • Coeurl
  • Chimera Brain
  • Malboro
Chimerageist Monster Arena Selection / FFX HD

What Are Farplane Winds Used For?

Primarily, Farplane Winds are used to protect against, and inflict, instant death attacks.

They can customize Deathstrike on weapons and Deathproof onto armor. Here’s how these abilities work:

  • Deathstrike adds instant death to physical attacks with 100% accuracy (provided the enemy doesn’t resist it)
  • Deathproof makes the wearer invincible against instant-death attacks

Using a Farplane Wind with the “Use” command casts the Death spell on all enemies on the field.

Deathstrike and Deathproof both require 60 Farplane Winds to customize.

And it’s worth adding that Rikku can also mix up Farplane Winds for some interesting results:

Hyper Vitality (Stamina Tonic + Farplane Wind): Doubles party’s max HP and casts Cheer.

Super Elixir (Ability Distiller + Farplane Wind): Restores party’s HP and MP to full and recovers negative status effects.

Trio of 9999 (Dark Matter + Farplane Wind): All party members deal 9999 damage with every attack.

Rikku stealing Farplane Wind from Coeurlregina FFX HD

Are Farplane Winds Worth Farming?

Not really, no.

Though there may be a good amount of ways to obtain Winds, their uses don’t really merit the effort.

Deathproof is useful for a few very select fights, but not too much in your day-to-day battling.

And Deathstrike is just about a useless weapon ability since most tough enemies resist instant-death attacks, and those that are susceptible to it are easy enough to defeat anyway.

Even Rikku’s mixes that use Farplane Winds can be made with other easier-to-obtain items.

Sorry Farplane Winds, but you kind of blow.

Ha, wind humor.

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