FFX Gillionaire: How To Get It & How It Works

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Gillionaire is a customizable weapon ability in Final Fantasy X that doubles the amount of gil earned after each battle. You can add this sweet skill to a weapon by using x30 Designer Wallets.

The best way to obtain Designer Wallets is by unlocking Vorban at the Monster Arena. Doing that gets you a one-time gift of x60 Designer Wallets, and since you only need Gillionaire on one character, that’s plenty to help you start stacking dough Spiran-style.

With that said, we do have a guide on how to farm those posh purses, so check that out if you want more ideas.

Vorban is still probably the simplest choice, and it’s unlocked after you capture one of each fiend in the Omega Ruins. Here’s the list:

  • Zaurus
  • Floating Death
  • Black Element
  • Halma
  • Puroboros
  • Spirit
  • Maches
  • Master Coeurl
  • Master Tonberry
  • Varuna

You can also get some Wallets as rare steals from both Cactuar King and Don Tonberry. This is a slower method, but the most reliable outside of unlocking Vorban.

Cactuar King is unlocked after capturing one of every fiend from the Thunder Plains. These fiends are as follows:

  • Melusine
  • Aerouge
  • Buer
  • Gold Element
  • Kusiraqqu
  • Larva
  • Iron Giant
  • Quactuar

Don Tonberry is unlocked after capturing one of each fiend in the Cavern of Stolen Fayth:

  • Yowie
  • Imp
  • Dark Element
  • Nidhogg
  • Thorn
  • Valaha
  • Epaaj
  • Ghost
  • Tonberry

It should also be noted that Rikku’s Celestial Weapon, Godhand, comes with Gillionaire already on it.

Vorban fiend in Monster Arena / FFX HD
Vorban battle

How To Earn The Most Gil with Gillionaire

Gillionaire doubles the amount of gil you earn after a battle.

The character with Gillionaire has to be in the active party when the battle ends for the effect to take place – that means they have to be out and fighting.

If they’re in reserve, even if they took part in the fight, it doesn’t count.

So pay attention to who’s on the field before you land your finishing attack!

You can make a fair amount of gil just by having the ability while you go about your usual business, but the real money will come from Mimics.

Farming Mimics for Gil

I’ll add more details below, but here’s a quick step-by-step guide to farm money fast with Gillionaire:

  1. Make sure one party member has Gillionaire on their weapon
  2. Run around the Omega Ruins until you get a random battle with a treasure chest on the battlefield
  3. Steal the chest to open it, and hopefully it’ll turn into a Mimic enemy
  4. Win the battle to net yourself 100,000 Gil

More than occasionally in the Omega Ruins you’ll come across a treasure chest in battle.

If you can have somebody steal it open, there’s a chance it will be a mimic and attack the party. Defeating a mimic normally rewards you with 50,000 gil.

And since Gillionaire doubles that, you’re getting a cool 100k each pass.

Mimics are fairly common fiends, too.

So if you make sure to have a Gillionaire character around while making your way through the dungeon (or if you’re out capturing its fiends for the Arena) then you’ll make a ton of Gil this way.

A true Gillionaire indeed!

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