FFX Gold Hourglass: Where To Farm + Common Uses

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The best way to farm Gold Hourglasses is by bribing Nidhoggs. For a bribe of 50,000 gil you get x12 Hourglasses.

Or you can also steal two Gold Hourglasses from Fafnir at the Monster Area (this is its common steal with a ~75% chance).

So if you prefer bribes, Nidhoggs can be found in the Cavern of Stolen Fayth.

Or if you prefer steals, Fafnir is unlocked after capturing four copies of each Drake-type enemy on Spira. There are five in total:

  • Kusariqqu (on the Thunder Plains)
  • Lamashtu (on Mushroom Rock Road)
  • Mushussu (on Bikanel Island)
  • Nidhogg (in the Cavern of Stolen Fayth)
  • Vouivre (on the Mi’ihen Highroad)

You can also get a one-time prize of x99 Gold Hourglasses by unlocking Tanket at the Monster Arena.

Tanket is unlocked after capturing three copies of every helm-type enemy:

  • Bunyip (on the Djose Highroad)
  • Halma (in the Omega Ruins)
  • Mafdet (on Lake Macalania)
  • Murussu (in the Macalania Woods)
  • Raldo (on the Mi’ihen Highroad)
  • Shred (on the Calm Lands)
Tanket battle close-up / FFX HD
Tanket in the Monster Arena

Gold Hourglass Uses

When used with the ‘Use’ command in battle, a Gold Hourglass will deal about 1000 damage to all enemies, and attempt to inflict both Slow and Delay.

You can also use Gold Hourglasses to customize Slowstrike onto weapons, adding Slow to physical attacks, and Slowproof onto armor, which almost 100% negates the slow status effect.

Aeons can also take Gold Hourglasses to learn both Delay Buster and Slowga.

  • Slowstrike requires 30 Gold Hourglasses
  • Slowproof requires 20 Gold Hourglasses
  • Delay Buster (Aeon) requires 30 Gold Hourglasses
  • Slowga (Aeon) requires 8 Gold Hourglasses

And of course, Rikku can use Gold Hourglasses in her mixes to create some helpful concoctions. Here’s a few that stand out:

Super Elixir (Elixir + Gold Hourglass): Full restores the party’s HP and MP, as well as curing all negative status effects.

FreedomX (Twin Stars + Gold Hourglass): Makes one party member’s abilities cost 0 MP for the duration of battle.

Panacea (Potion + Gold Hourglass): Removes all negative status effects on the party.

Fafnir battle at Monster Arena / FFX HD
Fafnir in the Monster Arena

Are Gold Hourglasses Worth Farming?

Nah. I wouldn’t bother.

Slow and Delay come much easier through their respective skills and spells, rather than trying to customize the “-strike” abilities onto weapons.

Even Rikku’s mixes can be found in other places by using different Mix ingredients.

It’s not really worth chasing these gilded timekeepers unless you’re super all about getting ninety-nine of every item – and even then, just unlock Tanket and be done with it.

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