How To Get Graav in FFX (Location + Blitzball Info)

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Graav hangs out in Luca on Dock Number 3.

He’s a member of the Luca Goers, so you’ll have to wait until his contract with them lapses before you can sign him onto the Besaid Aurochs.

He goes for 200 gil per game.


Who is Graav?

Graav is part of the trio (along with Bickson and Albus) that taunts Yuna and her posse before the championship game.

And like his bully bros, Graav can be made a part of your team once he’s out of his contract with the Luca Goers.

But as far as blitzball players go, Graav isn’t too amazing.

Graav blitzball stats screen / FFX HD

He’s one of those players that has a strong start, but as he climbs the leveling ladder he begins to wane.

He starts with an above-average Pass (PA) and Endurance (EN) and is well-suited as a midfielder.

When he crests the level 40 hill, his stats start to stagnate and plenty of other players become better and stay that way.

Graav is a good grab if you’re there, have nobody else, and he’s available.

Beyond that, you can probably find someone else.

Fun fact: Graav’s Japanese name is グラーブ, or “Grab”, which is a play on his designated role as a midfielder. Now you know the most interesting fact about this man.

Graav Luca location fullscreen / FFX HD

Is Graav Worth It?

Not really.

There are only a few players from other teams that are worth the wait, and Graav isn’t one of them.

His stats aren’t amazing, he doesn’t have too many techniques, and he just sputters off as he levels up.

I wouldn’t recommend him – especially when in the same city (Luca) you can get better players, both easier and cheaper.

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