FFX Healing Water Farming (Methods + Uses)

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There are only two ways to obtain Healing Waters in FFX:

  • Stealing them one at a time from Adamantoises, or
  • Bribing Anacondaurs for 145,000 gil, which gets you x16 Healing Waters

So it’s a choice between going slowly but saving a lot of Gil, or spending Gil and speeding up the farming process.

If you’d prefer to steal, Adamantoises can be found both in the Final Dungeon and in the Omega Ruins.

Or if you’d prefer to bribe, Anacondaurs can be found all over the Calm Lands.

Anacondaur battle fullscreen / FFX HD

What Can You Use Healing Waters For?


Seriously though, using a Healing Water with the “Use” command in battle will fully restore the entire party’s HP.

That’s pretty good – very good, actually.

Furthermore, you can use some Healing Waters to customize the Alchemy ability onto a weapon, which doubles the effect of healing items. So this weapon ability offers a nice dovetail to your other healing items.

Aeons can also be customized with these Healing Waters to learn the Pray ability, too.

  • Customizing Alchemy requires 4 Healing Waters
  • Pray (Aeon) requires 5 Healing Waters

And, yes, Rikku can use Healing Waters in her mixes (I know you were curious). Here are some of the best results you can make with these waters:

Final Phoenix (Mega Phoenix + Healing Water): Revives all KO’d party members to full HP.

Super Elixir (Healing Water + Healing Water): Fully restores the party’s HP and MP as well as curing all negative status effects.

Mega Phoenix (Phoenix Down + Healing Water): Revives all KO’d party members.

Adamantoise battle fullscreen / FFX HD

Are Healing Waters Worth It?


Healing Waters are an amazing healing item.

They’re not as rare as stuff like Elixirs, yet they restore the whole party. It’s like half a Megalixir!

And once everybody in your party learns the Use command, you can heal to full whenever you need.

So yeah, Healing Waters are especially useful.

They’re kind of expensive to get (or time consuming depending on your method), but absolutely worth all the effort to farm as many as you’d like.

So go! Drink and be healthy!

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