Where To Get Holy Water in Final Fantasy X

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Holy Water is an item that you can buy from most shops starting from the Calm Lands onwards.

Just about every merchant will carry Holy Water, and these sell for 300 gil a piece – so buying more at a shop is the easiest way to obtain them.

Notably there’s two shops on Mt. Gagazet that sell Holy Water just after the Calm Lands: one is a Ronso near the save sphere at the Mountain Gate, and then Wantz also has a shop mid-way through Mt. Gagazet.

But YAT-97 and YKT-11 also have Holy Water you can steal. These enemies both live in the Zanarkand Dome area of the ruins, and each have x3 Holy Waters on them to steal.


Holy Water Uses

Holy Water cures both the Zombie and Curse status effects.

It’s also used to apply the Zombie Ward ability onto armor and Zombietouch to weapons.

You’ll need 30 Holy Waters for Zombie Ward and 70 Holy Waters for Zombietouch.

So in general, Holy Water is an easily-obtainable item that is super helpful.

Shop inventory items with Holy Water / Final Fantasy X HD

Its most prominent power is to cleanse a party member of both the zombie and curse status effect. The zombie effect turns all healing done to the affected character into damage. This includes phoenix downs, which leads to an instant KO.

Curse, the other status that Holy Water treats, prevents the overdrive bar from filling up – and stops a character from using Overdrives if it was full.

A minor annoyance that could potentially lead to trouble.

And as mentioned above, customizing Holy Water onto your armor creates Zombie Ward.

This ability prevents the status effect from sticking about half the time. There is an ability that prevents it 100% (Zombieproof) but the items for customizing that ability aren’t as conveniently easy to obtain as Holy Waters are.

Zombietouch is what you get when you give your weapons Holy Water.

Attacking with a Zombietouch weapon has a chance to inflict zombie onto your foe. And if an enemy is a zombie, you can just heal them to death.

Holy Water is also great for Mixing with Rikku, since it’s so easy to obtain. Here’s a few mixes worth checking out:

Final Phoenix (Mega Phoenix + Holy Water): Revives all KO’d party members with full HP.

Panacea (Holy Water + Holy Water): Cures all negative status effects, much like the Esuna spell.

Blaster Mine (Frag Grenade + Holy Water): Deals damage and inflicts Sleep, Dark and Silence to all enemies.

Wantz shop location on Mt. Gagazet / Final Fantasy X HD

Is Holy Water Worth Getting?


There’s a boss notorious for using zombie in FFX, and smart use of Holy Water (both as a consumable for customization) will make that battle much easier.

And aside from that, there are more than a few enemies that can afflict zombie – and it is a very annoying status to have.

Zombietouch, while not really practical, is a lot of fun to use occasionally, and can be useful against certain foes.

Also, Rikku’s mixes can be especially useful.

And for most of those mixes you’ll notice that many of the other items needed are also very easy to obtain.

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