How To Get Auron’s Overdrives in FFX (Complete Guide)

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Auron’s Overdrive “Bushido” consists of four different attacks that he can unleash on enemies. He’ll start off with one technique (Dragon Fang), and he will learn the others mostly from collecting Jecht Spheres during Yuna’s pilgrimage.

The Jecht Spheres throughout Spira are mostly a side-quest, meaning you won’t collect them all by default. But you can start collecting them right after you defeat the Spherimorph in Macalania Woods.

All of Auron’s Overdrives
Overdrive Name Unlock Requirement
Dragon Fang None (Default Overdrive)
Shooting Star Defeat Spherimorph (1st Jecht Sphere)
Banishing Blade Find 3 Jecht Spheres
Tornado Find all 10 Jecht Spheres

All Bushido Techniques + How They Work

Banishing Blade Inputs / Final Fantasy X
Banishing Blade Inputs

Auron can learn up to 4 different Bushido attacks for his Overdrive. Each one will have a different button sequence to gain a special effect – but the button sequences are the same each time, so you can memorize them for consistency.

Being able to hit the correct button inputs faster will also result in the attack dealing more damage.

Here’s a look at what each attack does and what special effect it comes with.

Bushido Description Special Effect
Dragon Fang Auron deals damage to all enemies by striking the ground with his blade Delay the next turn for all targets
Shooting Star Auron deals heavy damage to one enemy by taking a big swing with his katana Eject target enemy from battle
Banishing Blade Auron unleashes energy from his weapon, damaging one enemy Guarantees the enemy is inflicted with Armor Break
Tornado Auron damages all enemies by creating a tornado with a swing of his blade Deal even more damage by igniting the Tornado with Auron’s jug of alcohol

Where To Find All Jecht Spheres

Jecht Sphere on the S.S. Liki / FFX
Jecht Sphere on the S.S. Liki

Once you gain access to start collecting Jecht Spheres, you’ll be right in the middle of Yuna’s pilgrimage. Some spheres can be found in places you’ve already been to, so for those you’ll need the airship to make a quick return to past areas.

When you find a Jecht Sphere, each one will play footage of Jecht during his time in Spira. This adds to the storyline and gives you a small glimpse of his adventures with Auron and Lord Braska.

Below is a table of where you can find each sphere in the game, and how to ultimately collect all 10 so you can unlock all of Auron’s overdrives.

Note: There are a couple of spheres that aren’t labeled as Jecht Spheres, but they are included in the 10 you’ll need to find to unlock all of Auron’s Overdrive attacks.

Sphere Area Exact Location
Jecht Sphere 1 Macalania Woods Automatically acquired after defeating Spherimorph
Jecht Sphere 2 Macalania Woods South area, near the path leading to Bevelle
Jecht Sphere 3 Besaid Village Just outside the temple on the right side
Jecht Sphere 4 S.S. Liki In the captain’s room while traveling between Kilika and Besaid
Jecht Sphere 5 Luca In the hallway right outside the Aurochs locker room
Jecht Sphere 6 Mi’ihen Highroad At the end of the Old Road
Jecht Sphere 7 Moonflow The south wharf area
Jecht Sphere 8 Thunder Plains By the center tower on the right in the south area
Auron Sphere Mushroom Rock Road On a cliff near the lift used during Operation Mi’ihen
Braska Sphere Mt. Gagazet Found on the Mountain Trail during the story

And if you’re playing on the International or HD Remaster version of the game, you may need to battle Dark Valefor to get to Jecht Sphere 3.

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