How Do You Get Break HP Limit in Final Fantasy X?

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You’ll need thirty (30) Wings to Discovery to customize the Break HP Limit ability onto a piece of armor.

And you can earn these in a few ways:

Defeating Shinryu at the Monster Arena, Bribing Malboros and Great Malboros, or by clearing the Remiem Temple Chocobo Race with three chests collected.


Wings to Discovery Farming For Break HP Limit

The most reliable way to get more Wings to Discovery is by farming Shinryu, who is unlocked at the Monster Area after capturing two of every underwater enemy on Mount Gagazet.

Shinryu is a big underwater dragon dude, and needs to be battled with Tidus, Wakka, and Rikku – the only party members who can battle while submerged.

But Shinryu isn’t too tough if you’re adequately leveled.

It can be slow-going, because you only get two Wings to Discovery per fight, but this is still the easiest way to stack enough for Break HP Limit.

Battling Shinryu in Final Fantasy X HD

Malboros and Great Malboros also have Wings to Discovery, but require payment – and they aren’t cheap.

You can get four Wings from a Malboro by bribing them with 540,000 gil.

Or you can get eight Wings from a Great Malboro with a bribe of 1,280,000 gil.

It isn’t cheap, but if you have lots of gil (and value your time more than your money), this is a quick way to earn your wings.

An easy 30 Wings can also be earned by completing the Remiem Temple chocobo race with three chests collected.

This isn’t a challenging task. After a few tries, you’ll get it.

The downside is that this is a one-time prize and you’ll be back to fighting Shinryu or bribing Malboros if you want to customize Break HP Limit more than once.


Break HP Limit Armor Drops

If you’re already super powerful and want a fast track to Break HP Limit items without customizing them yourself, you can go and defeat Nemesis.

This is the final Monster Arena superboss unlocked by capturing ten of every monster, and then defeating every other original Monster Arena creation.

Nemesis isn’t easy, not by a long shot.

But defeating it earns you a random piece of armor with Break HP Limit already slotted onto it.


Break HP Limit Purpose

Break HP Limit allows a character to go beyond the normal HP cap of 9999, extending it all the way to 99999.

That’s a pretty substantial number – and there are only a few enemies with attacks that can hit that cap.

This means your survivability will go through the roof.

And above all else, it just looks so cool to see such large numbers in your HP pool.

So Break HP Limit is super useful. But there are a lot of barriers to entry.

And once you finally have it on your armor, you’ll have to tackle the next issue:

Upgrading all your sphere grid’s HP Nodes so you can be as close to 99999 as possible. But that’s another problem entirely!

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