How To Get Kiyuri in FFX (Location + Blitzball Details)

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Kiyuri is a recruitable Blitzball player that can be found on the deck of the S.S. Winno, which is the ferry that goes between Luca and Killika. You’ll need to pay to take the ferry to meet her and recruit her.

And she isn’t cheap either – she charges a pricey 500 gil per game.

You should be able to re-board the S.S. Winno and recruit Kiyuri by finding the ship in the Kilika docks.


Kiyuri Player Details

Kiyuri is a sailor and part-time Blitzer. Her stats are initially middle-of-the-road, but she really starts to shine as her levels increase.

It might take a while, but both her defense and pass stats will grow to a level that makes her an excellent defender – one of the best, in fact.

Her early availability makes her a great pick for getting started on your Blitzball journey.

She can last you quite a while, too –maybe even become a permanent player.

If you’re looking to bolster your team in your efforts for all the top-tier prizes, such as Wakka’s Overdrives and Celestial Weapon items, Kiyuri is a solid choice.

Kiyuri on S.S. Winno with Map Location / Final Fantasy X HD

Is Kiyuri Worth The Price?

Oh yeah.

Her other abilities aren’t terrible either.

Though they may not be top-tier numbers, she’s still usable for shooting goals and traveling with the ball for a bit.

She also comes standard with Venom, Wither, and Nap Pass, which makes her pretty useful for debilitating the opposing team.

As with any team, the whole is only as good as its parts.

Kiyuri alone is great, but becomes even better when bolstered by others. Pairing Kiryuri with Ropp, another amazing defender, and using them to guide great forwards like Tidus or Larbeight to the goal can just about guarantee a victory.

And spending a little extra effort to make sure Kiyuri learns her key techniques, Sphere Shot especially, will make her (and the team) even better.

So get out there and get Blitzing – you have games to win!

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