How To Recruit Ropp in FFX (Location + Blitzball Details)

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Ropp is a Blitzball player in Final Fantasy X that can be found as the Inn clerk at Rin’s Travel Agency on the Mi’ihen Highroad. And he is available to recruit onto your team if you have an opening.

He costs 200 gil per game to sign on.

Ropp is one of the best defenders, if not the best defender in all of Spira.


Ropp Blitzball Details

He may be good at retail work, but he’s even better as a blitzball player – and you’ll be really happy to have him on your team.

His attack, block, and pass stats are all much higher than your usual Blitzball player.

Getting Ropp onto your team as soon as possible is a smart move.

He has some of the best stats in the game among free agents, and is one of the most amazing defenders there is.

Whether you’re into Blitzball for the love of the game, or just there to grind out Wakka’s reels and Celestial Weapon items, having Ropp will make your life so much easier.

View of Ropp in Rin's Travel Agency (FFX HD)

Is Ropp Worth It?

Absolutely yes, Ropp is worth it.

At two hundred gil per match, his cost might add up… but it’s a price I’d wager most serious Blitzers are willing to pay.

Compared to other players, Ropp is a beast.

Even if you can only afford to sign him for a short time when you first arrive at the Highroad, it’s recommended to do so.

Having a strong defender on your team to keep the ball away from your side of the field is one key to victory.

If you combine Ropp’s excellent stats with Tidus’ special Sphere and Jecht Shots, you can score early and often.

Ropp also comes ready with many of the better Anti-status techniques, including Anti-Drain, Anti-Nap, and Anti-Wither, which are arguably the three most annoying statuses in Blitzball – and lead to the most unjust losses.

And with his high attack, his Nap Tackle can easily send an opponent to dreamland, leaving the field for a goal.

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